From the mid-1990’s to today, ARC and its executives have led the way in developing new ideas, new services and new technology to define an industry that has changed dramatically over the past two decades.

From the introduction of PlanWell®, the first global online planroom, to SKYSITE™, its most recent cloud-based document management application for the construction project site, ARC has pioneered technology that supports the scale, complexity and specific document workflow of architects, engineers and construction (AEC) professionals.

ARC has also recognized the needs of its clients inside the walls of their own offices. Leading the way in outsourcing print assets and infrastructure through Managed Print Services (MPS), ARC not only defined how best to optimize the office print environment for the AEC industry, but addressed the wide variety of document management needs that characterize the business of construction.

ARC has also applied its experience, expertise and resources to track, improve, and change behaviors around office printing to dramatically reduce costs and improve efficiencies. In its Magic Quadrant report, Gartner has recognized ARC as the ninth largest provider of managed print services in the world, and the only service provider to focus its efforts on the AEC industry.

Most recently, ARC is redefining the way its customers are dealing with their legacy intellectual property and business process automation, once again providing cloud-based tools and applications to capture, store and locate documents and information that help leverage and protect its customers businesses.

Through education and training, innovative technology, deep customer-engagement, and a presence all over the globe, ARC Document Solutions continues to lead the way in defining the present, honoring the past, and envisioning the future.

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