S.T.A.R. — A View of ARC from our Customers

It’s easy to forget how many great people stand behind a big name like ours…but not when our customers keep reminding us! See below for some of our most recent compliments for our S.T.A.R.s, and check the reviews on our local service center websites to find out what people think of their local ARC teams! FYI, […]

Employee Spotlight: 30 Year Anniversary for Seattle’s Joyce Mathison

In March of 1987, Ronald Reagan was president. People were listening to the new song, “Jacob’s Ladder,” by Huey Lewis and the News, and “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi had been on the radio for a few weeks. Those of us who were livin’ the dream had shoulder pads in our jackets, wore […]

A Universe of S.T.A.R.s

You know how there are too many stars to count in the sky at night? Well, it feels like that around here, too, when it comes to compliments. ARC Document Solutions is a global company so we hear from customers around the world! Lots of kudos for our crew this month, and we even discovered […]

Employee Spotlight #3: ARC Goes Red for Women

We admit we’re cheating a little bit in this issue of the Employee Spotlight as we usually prefer to highlight a single employee. But we’ve made an exception in order to celebrate all the wonderful employees that wore red clothing in support of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) “Go Red for Women” campaign. For every […]

S.T.A.R. Newsletter: February 2017 Part II!

Another couple weeks, another batch of excellent (and unsolicited) customer feedback! Part II of this month’s S.T.A.R. Newsletter includes exceptional jobs, exceeded expectations, and “WOWED” clients. Thanks to all the customers that continue to share their wonderful comments. It means a lot to us. We hope you enjoy these S.T.A.R. stories as much as we […]

Employee Spotlight! #2: AGC Affiliate of the Year

This Employee Spotlight is particularly special as we honor the honoring of one of our own, Debi Rhodes. Debi was recently declared the winner of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) Affiliate of the Year Award! Congratulations, Debi! What is the AGC’s Affiliate of the Year award, you ask? The Affiliate Council grants this award to […]

S.T.A.R. Newsletter: February 2017!

Every S.T.A.R. Newsletter shares some of the unsolicited (and awesome) feedback that customers give our team. This issue mentions excellent decal work, fast deliveries, and an unfortunate but heartwarming farewell. Enjoy! 1. ARC Southern California Hi all, Just want to let you know how impressed I am with your customer service and quality of your […]

S.T.A.R. Newsletter: January 2017!

Along with 9 pieces of outstanding customer feedback, we have a special employee feature to start off the year! One of our employee’s son won two medals at the Junior Olympics! Make sure to check out the story once you’re done reading this S.T.A.R. newsletter. 1. ARC Southern CA Susan – Thanks for all your help and quick […]

Employee Spotlight! #1: ARC’s Junior Olympian

ARC’s Employee Spotlight feature was created to honor the efforts of our employees to participate in community building activities, volunteerism, and outstanding achievements outside the work environment. While our team members work hard every day to provide you the best possible service, we wanted to showcase how that passion translates into their personal lives. We hope you […]

S.T.A.R. Newsletter [End of Year 2016]

About the S.T.A.R. (Special Thanks and Recognition) Newsletter: We regularly receive a significant amount of unsolicited comments and feedback from our customers and partners. To celebrate those that take the time to say “thank you” and the great work of our team members, we’ll be posting some highlights here twice a month. We hope these […]

S.T.A.R. Newsletter [December 2016]

About the S.T.A.R. (Special Thanks and Recognition) Newsletter: We regularly receive a significant amount of unsolicited comments and feedback from our customers and partners. To celebrate those that take the time to say “thank you” and the great work of our team members, we’ll be posting some highlights here twice a month. We hope these […]

The Boom in BIM: BIM For Organizations Of All Sizes

Once considered by some to be a tool for larger firms who can afford to employ specialists, building information modeling, or BIM, is becoming more frequently used by design and construction professionals around the world. A recent report from Transparency Market Research mentioned that the global BIM market will grow from $2.6 billion in 2014 […]

HOK’s Print Success Secret

See how HOK took control of their print environment to gain a competitive edge. If you want to use HOK’s MPS strategy to gain control and cut print expenses by 30%, click here.

Imagining the Future with the Internet of Things

Every machine or piece of equipment on a construction site will soon be connected to the internet. It’s very likely that even the clothing we wear on site – for safety or comfort – will also be connected. These connections will not only help us understand and track things – which floor is the generator […]

MPS Video Series 5of5: Why ARC MPS?

There are a few Managed Print Services (MPS) options out there, but none like ARC’s. Find out what makes our MPS completely unique from any vendor in the market. Click here to talk to an expert about MPS.  

Facilities Information Management (FIM) To Boost Efficiency

Facilities Managers have to know everything about their buildings, from when and how it was built, to the inspections it passed, problems that were fixed, upgrades that were made, and tenant improvements that have taken place over the lifespan of the structure. Thousands of documents have to be maintained, updated, and kept easily accessible. They […]

Is your MPS brainless?| MPS Video Series 4/5

The technology that powers your MPS is as important as the services provided. Find out why ARC’s Abacus print optimization and tracking software is the best in the business. Click here to talk to an expert about MPS.

What Is Scalable MPS and Why It Matters| MPS Video Series 3/5

Does your MPS scale? Find out how scalable MPS dynamically optimizes capacity according to your needs. Click here to talk to an expert about MPS.

The 3 Things Your MPS Has To Have| MPS Video Series 2/5

Without these three key components your MPS could be more of a disservice than a service. Learn how to evaluate your solution. Talk to an expert about MPS.

Your Printer Is Ripping You Off | MPS Video Series 1/5

Not knowing the difference between Managed Print Services and Managed Print Hardware can cost your company a fortune. Learn how to tell these services apart in video one of our MPS series. Click here to talk to an expert about MPS.

Big Data In the Construction Industry

By Kerman Kasad Big Data doesn’t have the high-profile in construction that it does in other industries, but according to ARC Document Solutions’ most recent survey in construction trends, it’s an area that will contribute to innovation, competition, and productivity in the future. Typically, “Big Data” refers to amounts of information that are so large […]

Six Trends in Document Management for Construction Pros to Watch

ARC customers are some of the busiest design and construction professionals you’re likely to find. Their experience and changing needs make their opinions important to us because their insights identify emerging trends and inform industry forecasts. Over the past several months, we conducted research about the topic of document management and identified six topics that […]

Virtual Reality: Key Trend in AEC Tech for 2016

By Kerman Kasad Tight margins, intense competition, and demands for faster completion times are putting enormous pressure on construction firms to adapt their processes, organizational structures, and skillsets in order to thrive in today’s technology-driven industry. To help its customers stay on top of trends they should be aware of, ARC Document Solutions sponsored the […]

Construction Technology Trends for 2016 (Infographic & Video)

We surveyed 147 architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to forecast tech trends in design and construction over the next few years. The results were insightful to say the least. We’re excited to present this data to you in infographic and video form. Scroll past the image to view the brief video. And of course, feel […]

What Is the Cloud and What Does It Mean for Construction?

We’ve written a lot about “the cloud” in our newsletters and SKYSITE blog content, but sometimes it’s worth slowing down and explaining concepts that are maybe not as well understood as we think. Like, what is this illustrious “the cloud” anyway? And more importantly why should you care. As far as tech jargon goes “the […]

3 Ways to Get the SKYSITE App

One of the great benefits of SKYSITE is that it’s a mobile solution. You can download the app for free and use it on most devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows desktop. This means that you and your team can distribute, mark up, manage, and store projects on the go and from […]

108 Architects, Engineers, and Contractors Talk Cloud (Infographic)

In a recent case study, ARC spoke to 108 architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) management professionals to find out the importance of using an industry specific cloud. Turns out that need is greater than we could have imagined, with the vast majority of those in AEC stating that technology built specifically for the industry could […]

4 Tips to Help You Get Started with SKYSITE

Just getting started? Here are 4 tips that can you help you get the most out of SKYSITE: 1. Smart-text PDFs are text searchable on the iPad Most documents directly printed to PDF from its native file app are smart-text PDFs. On the SKYSITE tablet app, any document that’s text searchable will have a magnifying […]

SKYSITE Product Update

A quick product update for SKYSITE users: There are now additional options for project sharing. This workflow change provides three different Project Share Permissions and enables support for outsourced publishing of documents: View Only View + Edit & Publish – Own Documents View + Edit & Publish – All Documents The uploading page now provides […]

Introducing SKYSITE

ARC is proud to announce SKYSITE, a cloud solution that manages the workflow of construction documents and information. SKYSITE was developed to solve the challenges that contractors face every day. By talking to contractors in the field, ARC found that GCs today are using 5-7 applications on a single project. Many of these applications are […]

SKYSITE Press Coverage

Editorial Coverage The Construction Specifier New Management Program for Construction Professionals Released By Jacquie Clancy January 29, 2015 http://www.constructionspecifier.com/new-management-program-for-construction-professionals-released/ Forbes ARC Offers Up a Construction Industry Cloud By Ben Kepes January 30, 2014 Online Circulation: 35,882,633 http://www.forbes.com/sites/benkepes/2015/01/30/arc-offers-up-a-construction-industry-cloud/ San Francisco Business Times ARC Document Solutions Survives Construction’s Crash, Looks to Cloud for Growth By Patrick Hoge […]

Down to The Last Detail: ARC Teams Up with Shell Oil Company

They say that the devil is in the details. In this case, the devil is an opportunity to provide your customers with even better service. Many times you don’t have to stray too far from the ship to accomplish this. ARC Document Solutions had been loosely working with oil and gas companies for many years. […]

Five Business Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

The original whiteboard was made publically available in the mid 1960s. You know, back before the Internet, smartphones, and around the time that the closest thing to a computer as we know it was a $3,200 calculator. And, no, that price doesn’t account for inflation. Interactive whiteboards are the technological evolution of the old classroom […]

Retail Is Not Dead

Amazon, iTunes, eBay … names that strike fear into the hearts of the owners of brick-and-mortar stores. As physical retailers struggle with the accelerated growth in online shopping, the forecast seems to be saying that you should pack up your offline shop and head for the virtual hills. This fear is natural, but is it […]

The Concern with Cloud Security: Part 2

To guarantee a level of confidence with their customers, the majority of cloud offerings try to meet strict standards in physical security and data encryption, as well as user management and authentication. But even with those assurances, you may wonder just how secure your service truly is. You need to consider what happens when you […]

The Concern with Cloud Security: Part 1

Cloud computing is an extremely popular space in the tech world today. And we’re no longer dealing with small amounts of data. Instead, we’re sharing large documents with our teams, sharing photo albums with our friends and loved ones, and streaming videos from our phones. With the reduced costs of flexible subscription models and the […]

How to Create Brand Personality Through Signage

Personality. Too often brands undervalue the power that a strong brand personality can have on customers. Brand personality isn’t some intangible abstraction, but the characteristics that your customers see and, ideally, identify with. It’s what makes your company more than a bland facade. It’s what makes it memorable. The opportunities to produce brand personality are […]