Project ORG is ARC’s employment development program designed to create the next generation of leadership in the company’s sales, operations, finance, and administrative teams.

In the spring of each year, ARC Document Solutions hires recent college graduates for open Project ORG positions. Those hired are then trained, evaluated, and promoted throughout the organization for 24 months in order to develop skills, identify career strengths, and contribute to the corporate health and vision. The functional emphasis of the program will be driven by organizational needs but typically will be focused on the sales function of the company.

Hiring Criteria

  • College graduate, minimum GPA 3.0
  • Preferred degrees: business, marketing, communications
  • Fluency in basic office computer applications; demonstrable knowledge and use of social media preferred
  • Full or part-time sales experience a plus
  • Familiarity with home market or town
  • Valid driver’s license; car ownership a plus
  • U.S. citizen or equivalent status to work
  • Demonstrated leadership (sports, clubs, organizations) a plus
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Summer employment in a commercial environment — retail preferred — for two seasons or more
  • Employment application essay and submission of relevant course work
  • Professional dress and deportment during interviews
  • Background check

In an effort to be more sustainable, we encourage you to view current career opportunities or submit your resume via email to If you prefer, you can send a hard copy of your cover letter and resume by post to ARC at the appropriate address, which can be found here, or by fax to 925-949-5101.