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PlanWell Bidcaster

Bid better, faster, and more competitively.

PlanWell BidCaster is an easy-to-use online tool for facilitating the invitation-to-bid (ITB) process. PlanWell BidCaster allows you to send hundreds of ITBs right from your computer. Bidders can preview plans and specs from a link to your planroom and indicate their interest.


  • Lower your pre-construction costs
  • Dramatically reduce time and labor for you and your bidders
  • Receive more bids
  • Bid on more projects
  • Easily track your bid responses


  • Outsource document management and production to one of 170 local ARC offices
  • Push “send” and BidCaster transmits your ITB based on the recipient’s contact preference
  • PlanWell BidCaster notifies you when an email or fax wasn’t received, so you can update contact information when it’s needed (not when it’s too late)
  • One email allows recipients to read the project description, view the plans, and respond to the invitation in minutes without a trip to your office or the local planroom
  • Track “yes” and “no” responses to your invitations in one place

Generate ITBs in five easy steps

  • Assemble your project documents to start
  • Write your message and customize your template with your company logo and contact info
  • Select bidders from your address book
  • Using PlanWell Enterprise? Then simply select the plans and specs in your online planroom to be made available to bidders
  • Preview the ITB and send a test invitation. When ready, launch the broadcast with one click of the mouse


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