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Connecticut School Graduates to Archiving and Information Management

Until recently, if staff members at Glastonbury Public Schools in Glastonbury, Connecticut, needed to access a student’s file to find a transcript or an immunization record, they had to do it the old-fashioned way. That is, they searched through a file cabinet.

Not only did this method take up a lot of time — as much as 30 minutes could be spent retrieving a single document — it took up a lot of space. A file cabinet-filled room contained the information for students dating back half a century.

Prior to the start of the 2012 school year, a meeting was held to discuss switching to a digital archiving system. Shortly after the meeting, Glastonbury Public Schools received a most fortuitous phone call from Mike Solenzio, an account executive with the ARC Document Solutions service center in nearby Farmington.

“I spoke with Glastonbury’s finance manager, Karen Bonfiglio, and told her how our Archiving and Information Management could help them streamline their entire process,” said Solenzio, who, coincidentally, is a former Connecticut middle school teacher. “She was very interested in hearing more about AIM.”

Reliable and Customizable

After completing a complimentary audit of Glastonbury’s paper archiving process, the ARC team got a better understanding of their practices, areas of inefficiency, and potential risks of loss. The ARC team put together a solution that detailed how the local ARC center — one of over 160 nationwide — would provide a verifiable chain of custody, scan all the student records, and then provide a searchable digital archive with unlimited access on ARC’s PlanWell Collaborate, an information management solution supported by Amazon’s cloud architecture.

“Amazon’s architecture is the most trusted in the industry,” explained Solenzio. “It’s incredibly reliable due to its state-of-the-art redundancy capabilities, ensuring that everything is secure and backed up.”

Within a few months, the ball got rolling. There were 77,000 double-sided pages that needed to be scanned, covering every year up to 2006. The scanning didn’t go all the way to 2012 because Glastonbury chooses to retain six years of files on site.

“What impressed me was that ARC was able to customize PlanWell Collaborate to meet our specific needs,” recalled Ted Gregorski, the director of school counseling. “Now we can have everything at our fingertips, simply by plugging in a student’s name, birthdate, or graduation year.”

Good News Travels Fast

For their first foray into digital archiving, it’s clear that Glastonbury Public Schools made the right choice. “It’s been outstanding,” said Gregorski. “Not only has our search time been cut down dramatically, but we were able to lose the file cabinets and gain a room for meetings and counseling sessions.”

“I’ve been getting calls from other area school districts about our new archiving system,” added Gregorski. “And without hesitation, I’ve been recommending ARC.”

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