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Training technical staff can be costly and time consuming and often has to be outsourced for expertise. 123Olap does computer and software training worldwide and develops curriculum to address a company’s specific training needs. 123Olap’s programs are designed to teach important skills in short periods of time, and each training program comes with training materials designed specifically for that training group.

Recently 123Olap needed to get course materials to a client in Budapest, Hungary, on short notice. Normally, 123Olap implements its training programs in the United States and does the printing locally; clients come to them. But in this instance, the company was working with a group based in Hungary that was connecting to the training sessions via web conferencing and required the printed training materials so they could follow along and participate actively in the course.

123Olap had already printed the training materials locally and contacted FedEx to inquire about international delivery to Budapest. Of course, 123Olap was surprised to learn that FedEx would take more than a week to clear customs, and, though FedEx could deliver the curriculum materials, it would not guarantee that they would arrive in time for the training. Unable to take the risk with FedEx, 123Olap contacted Marlene Morris, Small Documents Production Technician at ARC in Sacramento, California, with a plan to print in London and ship to Budapest in time for the start of their course.

Morris knew the timing of the London printing plan wouldn’t work and consulted with Brian Conrad, Assistant Service Center Manager. Together, they decided to use ishipdocs to fulfill the customer’s request. Conrad sent a request to Ranjan Deb, Business Development Manager at the Global Distribution Center, and confirmed that there was an ARC partner company in Budapest who would be able to handle the request at the right price and who would meet the client’s deadline.

123Olap was quite impressed with the numbers, the service, and the quick turnaround. Everything happened according to plan: Morris put together all of the files, Conrad put it all together for Deb, and Deb confirmed with the print company in Budapest and ensured that the delivery was made on time. “Through ishipdocs we were able to send the job to Budapest, beat FedEx’s rates on delivery, and make the delivery well before the client’s deadline,” said Conrad. “This is a perfect example of the power of the Global Distribution Center and ishipdocs. International borders and customs are no longer barriers to getting the job done.”

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