ARC Global Solutions

The Ultimate in Document Solutions for AEC Customers

Global Solutions is ARC’s special business unit that provides strategic document management to regional, national, and international Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies.

ARC understands the challenges of managing documents in the AEC environment better than any other company, having partnered with the top AEC companies for decades.

With the AEC industry in mind, our Global Solutions team designs and implements document systems that:

  1. Reduces print-related costs
  2. Improves productivity across all departments, functions, and physical locations
  3. Outsources document management to ARC, freeing customers to focus on their business objectives
  4. Creates a single ARC relationship manager, ensuring seamless control and consistent levels of service

The benefits of Global Solutions

Premier Accounts
Premier Accounts offer customers a single contract that connects local expertise with the capacity of hundreds of locations around the world, delivered through a standardized technology infrastructure and a single, consistent level of service.

Centralized administrative control
We consolidate job and cost tracking using centralized tools, so our clients can eliminate the need to perform asset accounting, upkeep, equipment service, cost recovery, and more.

Standardized solutions
Documents are managed and tracked consistently, with the same technology tools, management conventions, pricing, and service levels anywhere in the world.

Scalable infrastructure
After a comprehensive equipment and service-needs assessment, ARC leverages its unique understanding of administrative issues to streamline on-demand document production. Whether it’s one machine or hundreds, clients pay only for what they use, and upgrade or downgrade without penalty.

On-site services
The right equipment in the right place staffed with the right people makes on-site services work. We place our equipment and staff in thousands of our clients’ offices, making on-demand fulfillment a reality, from the smallest studio to the biggest corporate headquarters.

Off-site workload balancing and redundant capacity
Service can be balanced over a network of hundreds of full-service business-to-business production centers with the most time-sensitive work produced closest to its destination.

Simplified document distribution systems
With hundreds of connected service centers and thousands of on-site service locations, we can deliver work closest to where it’s needed without the costs and environmental impact associated with traditional shipping.

Best-in-class technology
As the largest customer of most major equipment manufacturers, ARC leverages its purchasing power to deliver technological currency without capital costs to the customer and at the right price point.

An extensive portfolio of technology solutions
We create software and web applications at our technology development centers in Silicon Valley and India, creating document management solutions used by clients all over the world. Our technology consultants design customized and scalable solutions for clients that help them to manage their print-related costs, consolidate billing, and unify their technology and equipment platforms.

Types of services provided by Global Solutions:

  1. Managed Print Services (MPS)
  2. Archive & Information Management (AIM)
  3. Digital document shipping
  4. Equipment optimization
  5. Document conversion
  6. Imaging and scanning of all types
  7. Black & white and color printing
  8. Large- and small-format printing
  9. On-site/off-site load balancing
  10. Eco-friendly solutions and recycling

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