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350 Terminal Avenue, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5C8, Canada

Phone: (250) 754-3041, Toll free (800) 330-4188 Fax: (250) 754-3387


Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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This is an MPS support location for ARC Western Canada. For our nearest full-service document solutions center, please use our Location Finder.

About ARC
ARC is a full service document solutions company, fulfilling AEC industry, corporate, retail, and personal document needs. We offer the highest quality black and white and color printing for small-format documents like brochures and presentation materials.

We are also the industry leader in large format color printing for architecture, construction, and engineering documents plus all types of other critical large print items like technical diagrams, displays, posters, and banners. But printing is just the beginning of our document solutions. We help our customers digitize, archive, share, retrieve and print their critical documents anywhere in the world with the industry’s simplest, yet most powerful, document management tools.

Headquartered in California, we have hundreds of service centers throughout the U.S., Canada, China, the U.K., Hong Kong, Australia, and India. Although we are a part of an international company, each location offers personalized, individual service. By leveraging our superior processes, size, and work volume, we’re able to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and service at the most competitive rates.

Through a one-on-one approach, we tailor our document and information services to meet the needs of each client and guide them towards the best possible solution for their particular needs.

Our mission is to deliver our customers’ time-critical information whenever, wherever and in whatever form they want it.

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  •     Jaye Macfarlane

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  • From Design-Build to As-Built, The Cloud’s Got You Covered: 10 Minutes with James Mercado

  • Portland Open House


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