Increase the effectiveness of your meetings with a dynamic large touch screen computer

Everyone’s eyes are front and centre when you collaborate with a SKYSITE SmartScreen that boasts ultra-clear 4k resolution and puts the focus where it should be: on the topic at hand. Our intuitive and smart screen is powered by a formidable Intel i7® PC and has 20-point touch-screen controls so you can draw and mark-up your documents for all to see, ensuring greater comprehension and discussion. With built-in screen sharing and screen mirroring , you can easily share any of your devices with the group.

Boost productivity with better brainstorming

Whether in the conference room or a construction trailer, a SmartScreen enables meaningful collaboration by displaying your content where everyone can see, interact with, and discuss it. Resolve problems faster and find the best solutions by leveraging the combined talents of your team and giving them the best tool for the job.

With the SKYSITE SmartScreen, your team can work collectively to create a plan and determine the steps they’ll need to take. Once they’re ready to put their plan into action, it’s easy to send documents, notes, and images directly from the screen to participants and stakeholders.

SmartScreen Features & Technology

SmartScreens come in multiple sizes and are built to withstand rigorous use in the jobsite and provide access to leading-edge technology where and when you need it.

  • 16GB of RAM improves performance and lets you work with the biggest files.
  • 256GB SSD (solid-state drive) hard drive storage for rapid retrieval and accessibility of your documents.
  • Includes both Microsoft Windows® 10 and Android® operating systems.
  • Advanced package includes Microsoft Office®, webcam, and Reflector® mobile app sharing software.
  • Ultra-HD 4K resolution and independent, accelerated graphics for crystal-clear, lag-free presentations and real-time collaboration.
  • Integrated document markup and whiteboard software.
  • Auto-sensing HDMI & USB inputs to connect laptops and other devices.
  • Integrated WiFi® and Bluetooth® enables mobility and connectivity with your other devices.
  • 178° viewing angle widescreen LED display, offers undistorted views from nearly any position.
  • Built-in speakers (12Wx2), so virtual attendees can hear and be heard as clearly as if they were in the room with you.
  • Delivery is included to most major metropolitan locations and includes setup and training.
  • 3 year on-site warranty.

SmartScreen Brochure

Improve Communication with Seamless Team Collaboration.

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Easily connect all your devices

SmartScreen’s wireless screen sharing lets any of your attendees easily share their device's screen with the room. Quickly switch from one presenter to the next, displaying their PC®, Mac®, Android® or Apple® devices, all wire-free. Keep your team focused on the task at hand, not juggling cables and adapters.

smartscreen connect

SmartScreen Wireless
Mobile Screen Sharing App

SmartScreen offers three-step simplicity to connect to external devices for screen mirroring. Users can share screens from their PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. Install the software, open the screen mirroring app and start wireless screen sharing. Your strategic vision will stand out as it should, on the Ultra-HD SmartScreen.

SmartScreen owners start sharing your screens now. Install the mobile screen sharing app here.

SmartScreen owners start sharing your screens now. Install the screen sharing app here:

Encourage creativity

Interactive SmartScreen computers offer an easy-to-use solution to strengthen teamwork, generate new ideas, and foster the right environment for creative problem solving from everyone on your team.

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Smart collaboration tools for successful project management

The comprehensive SmartScreen is a full feature touch screen monitor powered by an internal Intel® i7 PC and designed for the unique needs of AEC professionals.
Powered by an Intel® Core i7 processor and equipped with both Windows 10 and Android operating systems, SKYSITE SmartScreens offer fast, easy access to presentations, videos, BIM models, hyperlinked drawing sets, spreadsheets, estimating software, and more. Content that was previously stored in your apps or computer becomes truly collaborative when you use a SmartScreen to facilitate meetings and presentations.
Focus on what matters and collaborate intelligently with a SmartScreen that strips away your reliance on static drawings and makes aggravating connectors and dongles a thing of the past.
SmartScreens give your team the right tools to improve their interaction not just with each other, but with your documents, data, and drawings. Connect everyone to the current set and markup, modify, and annotate in real-time to create an accurate account of changes, takeaways, and next steps.
SmartScreens are built strong, to meet the rigorous requirements of AEC professionals and withstand the conditions of temporary worksite settings.
Improve productivity and drive results with technology that works as hard as you do. Available in multiple sizes, SKYSITE SmartScreens are constructed with impact resistant glass and equipped with a wall mount. Heavyweight mobile support stands are also included and allow you to safely and easily move your SmartScreen around the office so you can enjoy the freedom of movement without fear of damage.

Bigger Impression, With Better Collaboration Tools

Who needs whiteboards when you have a SmartScreen for architectural drawings.

Smart touch screen workstations for architectural drawings

Collaborate and communicate clearly

Intuitive Interaction: Manipulate, navigate, annotate, mark up, and draw with 20-point touch-screen interaction and control. SKYSITE SmartScreens respond intuitively to your taps, swipes, and pinches ensuring ease-of-use for everyone.

Smart Collaboration: When your team is crouched over a table or desk to consult on a drawing, it’s easy to settle on the first solution instead of the best solution. Ergonomics studies show that when employees are comfortable, they’re more productive. SmartScreen  displays put your documents up, in front of everyone, making collaboration easier and more comfortable so your team can focus on developing the best result instead of the quickest fix.

Spectacular Resolution: Don’t lose a single detail with large Ultra-HD 4k smart screen display that brings your drawings, models, and animations to life.

Powerful productivity: You and members of your team can share your screen from your mobile device or tablet on a touch screen workstation  to ensure clear communication and understanding before you put plans into motion. Make sure everyone is on the same page, reducing follow up and errors so you can get more done in less time.

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