Escape from Paper Archiving with ARC’s Archiving & Information Management

Turn mountains into megabytes

  1. We scan it
  2. We tag it
  3. We put it on the cloud
  4. We give you advanced search and retrieval
  5. We do it all!

Benefits of AIM

  • Gives immediate access to valuable information
  • Ensures that information is accurate
  • Increases productivity
  • Makes collaboration easier
  • Eliminates storage and access fees
  • Reduces IT and paper costs
  • Protects information from fire, flood, and other natural disasters
  • Better for the environment

AIM for future savings

By giving you immediate access to your documents and information, Archiving & Information Management helps you meet your business goals and reduce costs.

Our cloud-based platform easily adapts in capacity, allowing you seamless access to critical data from multiple points and varying devices.

Can't get your hands on your documents fast enough?

AIM helps companies increase their productivity and streamline collaborative efforts. Instead of having to run to the file room or send for documents in storage, you will have access to your documents within seconds. Whether you're working internally, externally, or globally, ARC’s AIM platform gives you control over who has access to what information.

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