PlanWell EasyPrint

Connect your printer to PlanWell, the world's largest online planroom

Direct access to PlanWell on your printer.

PlanWell EasyPrint is an integrated print utility that connects to PlanWell Enterprise, making document printing simple and fast. PlanWell EasyPrint is based on an intuitive touch-screen interface. All you need is an Internet connection. No additional software, no hassles.

Workflow: Print documents directly from your printer in four easy steps

  1. Touch your project name
  2. Touch the documents you want to print
  3. Review documents
  4. Print

PlanWell EasyPrint Features and Benefits


  • Simply touch the PlanWell button on the touch screen operator display and get the plans right from the printer! Your documents located in PlanWell display for printing on the touch screen. With just a few touches on the screen, your documents are downloaded and printed immediately.
  • Remote print flexibility: Upload your plans directly to your local reprographer then print them at your jobsite, even if it's thousands of miles away.
  • Quickly find what you need: Browse document lists to create a customized document bundle or select a previously assembled set. You can print individual sheets, full disciplines, custom packages and even full sets.

Increased document control and productivity

  • Minimize errors: PlanWell EasyPrint lets you preview your documents on the touch-screen before printing. Zoom in and review the smallest items on the drawing and confirm information.
  • Complete control of your documents: Don't let work stall because you are waiting for documents. Upload them directly to PlanWell and have them ready for printing instantly anywhere around the world.
  • Use your printer with PlanWell EasyPrint and turn out high quality 600 dpi prints at optimized speeds.

Simple to use

  • Designate printing preferences by choosing options from the easy to understand menus.
  • PlanWell EasyPrint is compatible with printers from KIP, OcĂ©, Canon and Hewlett-Packard.

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