Mind Your Spending: Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Print Saves up to 30% of Costs

If your company doesn’t plan for all of its fixed costs, it’s losing. But many firms are not tracking their print and IT spending and their bottom lines are suffering because of it.

While most company leaders know the business world is now virtual, not as many are taking advantage of this new era by gaining the savings through a modern approach to their printing. Firms taking a comprehensive approach to this spending can save substantial employee work hours, reduce print costs. and increase revenue on leased equipment. But to remain competitive, companies must plan for those savings.

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Document Retention & Information Governance for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry E-book

Introduction –

Most, if not all, companies today wrestle with issues of document retention and information governance. How long should you keep your documents? Do you have to keep paper copies? Are digital scans legally admissible? What’s better, paper or digital?

In light of the strategic importance of information to companies, the flood of information created and received by companies on a daily basis, and the increasing focus by regulators, judges, and investigators on information governance practices, these and other questions relating to how companies should create, receive, store, protect, transfer, and dispose of documents, are vital questions for companies in all industries, including the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. That’s why ARC Document Solutions asked us to create this ebook — as a high-level overview of significant document retention and information governance challenges for companies in the AEC industry, and solutions to those challenges.

ishipdocs – Creating Business Networks and Communities in the Cloud White Paper


Cloud printing is now ubiquitous and accepted as an integral part of most companies’ document management infrastructure. For the last two years ARC, with the cloud application ishipdocs, has been providing customers with Cloud Printing Services (CPS). ishipdocs users range from global Enterprises to Single users. What these users have in common is the desire to get large business documents anywhere, at anytime, in the shortest amount of time.

The benefits of Cloud Printing Services are clear. Print hardware and software costs are reduced. The cost of print with CPS is based on measured usage, in a just in time model. And distribution costs are drastically reduced with digital delivery combined with local print, avoiding the “print here, overnight there” model that has built the overnight delivery industry.

What makes ARC’s CPS offering unique is the ability to securely share and distribute large files over the ishipdocs network of print service providers. This capability gives users powerful Managed File Transfer capabilities as well.

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Building a Digital Document Workflow for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry White Paper

Executive Summary

Traditionally, document management in the construction industry has been paper based, labor intensive, slow, and prone to error. Due to long project lifecycles and multiple user communities, a fragmented document workflow still exists on many projects today.

Powerful technology solutions are emerging, but customers are at varying stages in the transition to a digital workflow. Although they are continuously searching for the latest tools designed for the industry, when adopting digital document management, they need assistance to move at the rate that makes the most sense for them.

The Louis Berger Group Takes Control with Managed Print Services

Executive Summary

The Louis Berger Group (LBG), an international engineering and construction consulting company, conducted an in-depth company-wide expense report and discovered many critical inefficiencies in its print environment. The report uncovered, in its domestic offices alone, more than 120 different copier leases, approximately 250 monthly invoices for print-related supplies and maintenance, and a host of other areas for improvement. LBG decided it needed to take better control of its printing.

After contracting for MPS with ARC Document Solutions, LBG now has one account for printing leases, one monthly invoice for all print costs, and one account representative to meet with.

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Archiving & Information Management Mini White Paper

Executive Summary

Documents are changing. Increasingly interwoven into the daily activities of knowledge workers, documents can no longer be constrained by the limitations and expense of paper. Businesses need to have immediate access to their intellectual property.

Companies facing the daunting task of digitizing and integrating their documents into a single, searchable platform should look for a partner with a customer-centric migration strategy, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

ARC Document Solutions’ Archiving and Information Management (AIM) program is a comprehensive suite of customizable services, uniquely delivered through a SaaS model. ARC’s position as a leading provider of AIM is due to its triad of core strengths: domain expertise, migration management, and universal content cloud creation.

Archiving & Information Management White Paper for the Power Industry

Executive Summary

Ready access to accurate information is imperative to achieving the business results required to remain competitive in today’s power industry environment.

Whether electric power is generated by fossil, nuclear or renewable fuels such as wind or solar, timely access to information is essential to meeting daily demands for operation, maintenance and modification of existing power generating stations.

Companies seeking to establish effective information delivery platforms for its own staff, as well as interaction with external business partners, must consider a range of issues from the media on which information is stored to the multiple types of end user information needs. Media from paper or microform storage to fully digitized and electronic files are in the mix – each with its own challenges.

ARC Document Solutions is a customer-centric technology-based business solution provider. ARC partners with its client to develop effective strategies and deployment options to meet the unique challenges of capture, conversion, management and delivery of information required to accomplish work and achieve business objectives.

ARC Document Solutions’ Archiving and Information Management (AIM) Program is a comprehensive suite of customizable services and technologies that leverage a SaaS delivery model. AIM enables a range of capabilities to support daily design, operations, maintenance and supply chain business functions for power generating stations.

AIIM White Paper – Putting Archived Content into Play

Despite the fact that these days almost all documents, drawings, specifications and business documents are created digitally, we still live in a hybrid world of paper and digital. This is particularly true in those areas where records are kept for a long time — often because the building, plant, hospital, school, patient or client has a lifetime over many decades, and the majority of their related records were created on paper. But do they still need to be stored on paper?

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Managed Print Services for Small and Medium Businesses White Paper

One overlooked expense for most companies is the real cost of printing. Yes, printing.

A strategy for reducing overall print costs that is becoming increasingly popular is to initiate a Managed Print Services (MPS) agreement with a trusted vendor.

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Take Control with Managed Print Services White Paper

An often overlooked, yet significant, expense for most companies is the cost of printing. Managed Print Services (MPS) is a powerful strategy for reducing overall print costs and has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Why? There are many reasons.

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