Blog Archive : August, 2017


Paper is Old School, Printing Doesn’t Have to Be

August 24, 2017 Kelly Mitchell

When’s the last time you thought about how your print service agreement was structured? If you’re ...


A Summer of Service

August 18, 2017 David Stickney

It’s amazing how fast the Summer is flying by, isn’t it? The kids are already starting back to ...


Paper Is In the Past. What’s Your Exit Strategy?

August 15, 2017 Rick Carr

Paper is an obsolete archiving media.  It wastes space, is disorganized and is not immediately accessible. ...


Projects Technology Helps Contractor Grow Staff, Streamline Workflows, Expedite Work

August 8, 2017 Dan Gowin

As the national projects director at ARC®, I'm sharing this exciting story about how the latest technology ...