Blog Archive : September, 2017


Recovering From Harvey Together – ARC® Community

September 21, 2017 Brian Bailard

Hurricane Harvey was and is far more than just a devastating hurricane and news story. It really impacted ...


Beyond the Audit: Organizing Healthcare Compliance in the Cloud

September 15, 2017 Jake Young

A Better Way to Manage Healthcare Compliance for Building Owners and Facility Managers According to ...


Emergency & Life Safety: 5 Gaps Fixed with Mobile Facilities Dashboards

September 14, 2017 David Trask

As technology advances, outdated approaches to emergency information management expose facility-related ...


ARC® Launches Mobile Facilities Dashboards for Healthcare Compliance, and Emergency and Life Safety

September 12, 2017 Jessica Gopalakrishnan

New mobile dashboards support critical information management needs for healthcare, education and government ...


The Show Goes On: Sept. 18 Healthcare Facilities Symposium, Austin, TX

David Trask

Despite damages incurred by Harvey, the organizers of the Healthcare Facilities Symposium in Austin, ...


September Webcasts: Emergency Preparedness and Healthcare Compliance

September 7, 2017 Jake Young

September marks a bittersweet time of year when students go back to school and the workforce gets back ...