Blog Archive : February, 2020


How ARC Unlocks Scalable Growth for Fitness Club Brands

February 11, 2020 Delphine Wilson

Walk into any of the biggest fitness clubs—Planet Fitness, Crunch, Gold’s Gym, 24-Hour Fitness—and ...


The Economic Burden of Paper

February 10, 2020 Delphine Wilson

Imagine a single piece of paper containing information that helps your business function.  Whatever ...


New Study Shows Exactly How Planting Trees Could Save the Planet

February 7, 2020 Delphine Wilson

When you read the science and see how out-of-control emissions are affecting our planet, it’s easy ...


How ARC’s Franchise Printing Program Saves You Time, Money, and Headaches

February 3, 2020 Delphine Wilson

If you’re running a business with multiple locations and you’re not managing your print output, you’re ...