ARC Emergency Combines Mobility and Real-Time Surveillance

Jessica Gopalakrishnan| May 11, 2021

In the event of an emergency, nothing’s more important than making quick, high-quality decisions. But without accessible, real-time information, consistently making the right decision is difficult – even if you’re well prepared.

In our ongoing effort to equip facilities teams with the best emergency management technology possible, we have rolled out powerful new features to the ARC Emergency dashboard.

Mobile Access to Live Video Surveillance

ARC EmergencyThe dashboard is already quite robust, featuring a suite of important tools including mobile access to emergency plans, floor plans, evacuations maps and more. However, the latest update takes things up a notch by addressing—among other things—the need for real-time surveillance video on a mobile device.

With access to live security video feeds, facility and emergency management teams can now share real-time intelligence with first responders—from their ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards via text or email—before they enter a building.

In addition to live video feeds, ARC Emergency now features the following:

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – for any known hazardous chemicals used or stored in the facility
  • Asbestos Abatement Project Monitoring Reports
  • Underground Utilities – Specifies utility types and their locations
  • Equipment Maps: Indoor and outdoor security lights; Emergency call boxes; Locks – images, legend and photos for 4 types: keypad, fingerprint, code/card/key, alarm keypad

Better Intelligence, Faster Decisions

The newest additions to ARC Emergency allow facilities teams, emergency managers, and first responders to see and evaluate dangerous situations from a safe distance. Whether property, human lives, or both are at stake, this added visual insight informs and accelerates response efforts.

As Brian Bailard, EVP at ARC pointed out, “Real-time visibility into emergency situations without increasing risk is why it’s critical to having access to video feeds, tools to identify on-site hazardous materials, and relevant safety data sheets.”

Peaceful Warrior Training GroupCaptain Mike Bolender, founder of the Peaceful Warrior Training Group and a former SWAT team leader commented during a recent webcast with ARC and Facility Executive Magazine: “Having instant access to specific facility and emergency information, including live video feeds, provides vital situation intelligence for resolving an active threat situation quickly and safely.”

ARC Emergency Mobile Facilities Dashboard

Even great emergency preparation can’t replace the need for accessible, real-time information. Nor can information replace the need for preparation. But, with a tool such as ARC Emergency and a well-prepared staff, you can prevent minor emergencies from becoming catastrophes.

To see the latest updates to ARC Emergency in action, schedule a demo today.

ARC Emergency


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