ARC Launches Its Next Generation Mobile Facilities Platform, Increasing Automation and Adding an Equipment Dashboard

David Villarina| December 17, 2020

Intelligent automation software updates, organizes and processes building information to be searchable and instantly available on any device.

As the role and responsibilities of facilities teams continues to expand, their reliance on sophisticated—yet easy-to-use—mobile technology is magnified. To support this increasing focus on technology, we have launched the next generation of our cloud-based ARC Facilities Platform, which stores building-specific documents that are linked, searchable and accessible instantly by facilities teams from our ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards.

The ARC Facilities Platform offers four individual dashboards that address specific use cases of facilities teams:

ARC Buildings
● ARC Emergency
● ARC Equipment
● ARC Compliance

Mobile FacilitiesThe ARC Facilities Platform is designed to increase productivity and customer service levels, while also reducing costs by eliminating information search time that slows down the completion of work orders and other tasks. Emergency responsiveness is also improved when facilities teams can access emergency plans and share essential building information via their mobile devices.

“When customers see their own building information on an iPad® or mobile phone for the first time, organized in dashboards, they immediately recognize that it will transform the way they manage and operate their buildings,” said ARC executive vice president, Brian Bailard.

“Enthusiasm is visible on their faces and they immediately begin to anticipate the improved levels of productivity and customer service, which according to 226 respondents to an ARC survey in September 2018, are the top two reasons facilities managers purchase technology.”

Mobile Facilities

The new ARC Equipment dashboard features instant access to 14 types of equipment information, including HVAC, electrical, gas systems, plumbing systems, refrigeration and generators.

The three technology layers that make up the ARC Facilities Platform include a foundation of client-specific Building Information that is continuously curated – regardless of format – and stored in the cloud. The Data Processing Engine layer uses ARC proprietary technology to organize, index and link building information, including symbols, in a format that is searchable.

The information is then connected—by building—to the ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards, the user-facing layer of the platform with a simplified view of how their information is organized. Facilities teams can then access and share the detail-level of any document instantly with the press of a button and a couple of clicks, online or offline. Notably, this includes conformed sets of all renovations that are distinctly displayed with color-coding.

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