Campus Safety Magazine to Feature Gary L. Sigrist Jr. in “The Five Layers of School Safety” Webcast

Jennifer Boydon| April 14, 2021

The Five Layers of School Safety

Following an outcry for government action to improve school safety, lawmakers have provided millions in additional funding for schools. But, according to Gary L. Sigrist Jr. school safety efforts require more than money.

And Sigrist should know. After a 30-year career as an educator, school safety director, and police officer, Sigrist uses his unique perspective to help schools improve their emergency preparedness. In addressing school safety, Sigrist stresses the importance of a holistic solution. A solution that leverages training, technology, and positive school culture in a five-layered approach to a complex problem.

To help facilities managers do their part to improve school safety nationwide, Campus Safety Magazine is hosting a free webcast, sponsored by ARC, during which Gary Sigrist will teach attendees:

  • How to coordinate with first responders while developing their Emergency Operations Plans (EOP).School Safety
  • Exercises to test the effectiveness of their staff’s training and the EOP.
  • Tips for developing a Threat Assessment Team in their schools using insights from the Secret Service Safe School initiative.

Join us on Thursday, May 24th at 2 PM (EDT) for the live discussion.

Campus Safety: Responding to NFPA 3000

If you’ve been following along with NFPA 3000, you already know that policies are being implemented that place a renewed focus on the role of a facility manager during an emergency.

But it can be challenging to understand how to prepare your staff and your facility for new safety policies.

Along with this webcast, you’ll receive a white paper—written by Sigrist—that guides you through each of the five layers of school safety. That way, you’re ready when the unexpected happens.

We look forward to seeing you online!


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