AdventHealth Wesley Chapel Makes Improvements Beyond Digital Storage With Mobile Facilities Dashboards

Jake Young| July 16, 2021

As the Director of Facilities Management at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel (AWC), John Crouch’s customer-centric management philosophy begins with the hiring process and continues throughout each technician’s career at FHWC.

Technology is also foundational to his daily operation—both for addressing building occupant needs and maintaining the buildings.

However, before John Crouch and his CFO discovered the ARC Facilities Platform, AWC was missing a few key technological components for managing their building information effectively.

Further Improvements Required More Than Digital Storage

The facilities technicians at AWC need to find building documents quickly to reduce productivity-draining activity and to respond faster during emergencies. Despite having all their records digitized, the technicians were still spending time searching through digital files.

AdventHealth Wesley Chapel
AdventHealth Wesley Chapel

This delayed their response times, creating the perception that customer service was slipping.

Even worse, time spent searching for documents hampered the technicians’ ability to respond quickly to emergencies. This sets up the potential for small issues to spiral into catastrophes requiring disruptive and costly shutdowns.

Another challenge AWC faced was resolving after-hours emergencies. Often, these emergencies were first discovered by security officers making their rounds. But resolving the situation required calling in an on-call technician and waiting for him or her to drive to the hospital from their home.

Elevating How Service, Safety and Security are Delivered

John Crouch and AWC’s Executive Management didn’t imagine solving all these problems in one fell swoop. That is until they saw the ARC Facilities Dashboard in action.

After watching a demo, Crouch wasted no time integrating ARC into his facilities team’s workflow. Equipped with their dashboards, the AWC facilities team is now able to:

  • Reduce service response times
  • Increase the number of work orders they completed in a day
  • Stay on top of preventive maintenance tasks
  • Improve emergency preparation and response times
  • Lower the cost of employee turnover

From One FM to Another

John Crouch believes that facilities managers can find creative, yet simple ways to integrate technology solutions into their operations. One idea is to include the ARC Facilities platform into the budget for a future renovation or building budget.

On building information management tools, he said, “Preserving the history of buildings and their renovations or expansion projects provides a foundation that will add value for many years into the future.” For Crouch, the ARC Facilities platform was a simple solution that could help him and his team create that foundation.

To learn more about how using the ARC Facilities Mobile Dashboard has elevated AdventHealth Wesley Chapel’s facilities team operation, read their story or watch the video here:


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