S.T.A.R. — A View of ARC from our Customers

David Stickney| April 18, 2017

It’s easy to forget how many great people stand behind a big name like ours…but not when our customers keep reminding us! See below for some of our most recent compliments for our S.T.A.R.s, and check the reviews on our local service center websites to find out what people think of their local ARC teams!

FYI, S.T.A.R.s are “special thanks and recognition” that are sent in, unsolicited, from happy customers.

We’ll start out with a doozy! We’re a big name, but that means we have some big jobs, and the following took the cake this time around…

Anchorage, AK – Wayne and Eric Cox

…I know this was a large and complex order (over 16,000 pages per copy in 9 bound volumes) that required working closely together with us to get the files prepped and ready for printing and completing the printing and production process. This was a no fail, must be correct filing. I know that you both went above and beyond your normal high quality efforts to make this happen. I understand you guys actually had a cot in your office so that you could stay there around the clock to get this accomplished. I just wanted to let you know we appreciate your outstanding effort and the on time delivery of this project.
Best regards,
international energy & engineering company

The photo to the left is just ONE of the sets for the job mentioned in the customer email above – it’s six feet tall!


San Francisco — Max Roth, Melissa Tanghal & Team

Just a quick follow up to thank you very much for all of your help Max. The final product was perfect! The whole process was smooth and we are very happy with the way things turned out. We are very much looking forward to using your service for future office printing needs.
Have a great Wednesday,


Costa Mesa, CA — Robert Herman

Just wanted to thank all of your efforts last night and this morning to make our meeting’s deadline. Thanks to Robert at dispatch also for rushing our delivery.
We really appreciate it.
Thank you,


Greenville, SC — Meghan Rountree & Team

I approached Meghan Rountree in hopes of accomplishing an awesome anniversary gift for my wife.
What I received after her efforts left my wife speechless to say the least.  I wanted to write you to say the Meghan’s thoughts, input, execution were flawless.  She was so accommodating in helping me with this gift.  So—Thank you Meghan!  Honorable mention to Lisa Searfoss as well. (smile)
Your team has always been great to work with when needing reprographics for our company, but this effort by Meghan and team went above and beyond.
Thanks again!


Costa Mesa, CA — Team

I just wanted to jot you a note and do a quick follow up to say THANK YOU!
We received the blue architectural folders a few weeks back and they are really perfect.  We appreciate your efforts and taking care of business and doing things the right way. You would be amazed at how many people really don’t know how to do this. (smile) Anyway, we are sunny and HAPPY in Connecticut.
Thanks again,
residential marketer


Spring, TX — Patricia Mouton

Pat, you are AWESOME!!! Thanks for getting this done!
Thank you,
regulatory consulting firm


Woodlands, TX — Team

I wanted to let you know ARC provided some excellent service today. Had two small orders with very quick turn arounds this morning and they were very accommodating. Please pass along to whoever you deal with there next time you talk.
civil engineering firm


St. Louis Park, MN — Region 5 Employee of the Quarter —John Bushman

“John will do anything for anybody.” He covers the front desk and the customers enjoy him so much. “He is dependable and one of the hardest workers I know.” Always willing to stay late to get the job done. He is a major asset to this location.


Downtown Los Angeles — Gabriel Romero & Team

Just wanted to thank you again for letting me know about the low-res image and thank you for getting the banner to us a day early! We all really appreciate your help over here.
architectural firm 


Alameda, CA — Saul Zuniga

Saul just finished up with the install of the new Xerox copier in my office. I just wanted to let you know that he did a great job.
The plan originally was to install Tuesday morning but we ended up running into some technical difficulties which dragged out all day. I needed to get an network range extender which he helped me set-up and then went further above-and-beyond-the-call by staying until 6 o’clock that evening to resolve some “scan to email/network” and firmware update issues we encountered. Unfortunately I had to leave and lock up for the night but he communicated the issues well and when he could come back to and resolve the few outstanding problems. Everything is running perfectly now. I appreciate his hard work and diligence in making sure everything was working smoothly. I am planning on buying a new computer relatively soon so I’m sure I’ll need his help again setting the machine up soon.
construction company


San Francisco, CA —  Sahil Mallam

Sahil was great. He was able to work with us remotely [on the managed print services installation] and had few issues at the project office. He was patient and was available to install on all machines if needed. Ran tests and gave trainings for those that were needing to use the printer. Thank you! Very smooth transaction.
global engineering firm


San Francisco — Steven Chow

He always is so kind and professional and fixes everything perfectly. He made sure to leave the repair order open so that I could see that the machine continued to work after it was moved. Of course it did. The guy is brilliant and knows his stuff!
civil engineer


Alabama – Team

health care provider


Downtown Los Angeles — Gabriel Romero & Team

The poster was perfect, thank you so much for getting it to us on time, I really appreciate it!
national construction company


Van Nuys, CA – Danny Meza & Team

Hi Danny! I know you’re not going to believe me, but your crew over there is absolutely amazing! And this is not the first time I’ve said this!! I don’t know who likes me, but I am so appreciative!  In my wildest dreams I was not expecting such outstanding service! Your whole crew deserves a THANK YOU!  I barely had time to hang up the phone before the documents were sitting on my desk!!   I don’t know how but you have a  whole crew of superstars! I know if I have a job that needs done that your crew always comes through for me way faster than I ever need it done! YOU GUYS ROCK!!  Thank you!
grocery chain construction administrator


U.K. & Eastern Europe – Global Solutions MPS Customer Team

I would like to express my thanks to the IT teams in Prague and Horw as well as the ARC and Ricoh associates for an excellent project execution. The teams demonstrated very professional and user friendly support. The machines are up and running and users issues are almost non-existent. It just need some time for us to get used to the new functionalities. We’re happy having a state-of-the-art solution also in the office processes. Again thank you and enjoy your weekend.
international medical technology developer


Woodland Hills, CA – Alex Villalobos

Hi Bobby,  I hope you have been well man !  Swing by some day for lunch dude. I just want to let you know I had a major crunch print job and Alex stepped up for me.  I really appreciate you guys always have my back.
architecture firm 


Irvine, CA – Karen Kaylor & Team

Yes! Thank you so much for doing it for us; it’s a great relief to us and our team=) we appreciate the consistent support from your company and the team.
environmental planner


Global Solutions MPS – Ershely Raj

I want to give special thanks to Ershely Raj! We appreciate Ershely’s knowledge, attention to detail and her ability to help us through this phase of implementation. She is a pleasure to work with and is always attentive to our requests. ARC is truly lucky to have such a talented employee working with your clients through this process!
On behalf of our team, THANK YOU Ershely!!!
international design firm


Costa Mesa, CA – Wayne Wernimont & Team

Hi Wayne,
OMG, proof is superb 🙂 I am waiting for Cheryl,  who is on her way to office, to give me the final approval. Trying something new takes so much time and efforts for all involved parties. It is a comfort and relief that I can count on your guys for the help needed.
global engineering firm


UK – Martin Kiddell & Team

Dear Martin,
It was perfect!  Thank you very much!  As I said we were very impressed with your service and would like set up an account with ARC. Also, please say thank you to John for waiting yesterday.  Also, for bringing back reports before 9am.  Excellent service!  Well done!
Best wishes
international health care consultancy


Orange County, CA – Team

Just so you know, I clicked on the link to fill out the follow-up survey. My intent was to give you a “10” for the speedy response and great service I receive when working with you all 😊. The survey never gave me a chance…  I did try though… Twice!!
Warm Regards,
fire protection company


Colorado – Team

Don!!!! I miss you! I was relieved when Nora told me that my new company uses ARC :). You are the best!
national design & engineering firm


Cincinnati, OH – Rena Parker & Laura Jordan

 It is not possible to improve your Cincinnati office team!  Laura Jordan and Rena Parker are amazingly fast, always accurate, professional and friendly!  Our orders are ready for p/u faster than we are able to type them and identify which drawings are needed!  They are absolutely AMAZING!! They do a fabulous job!  You are very fortunate to have such dedicated, conscientious and detail oriented employees. 
window supplier


San Francisco — Steven Chow

Steven is a wonderful technician. He gets in touch promptly and continues to keep you in the loop re: the schedule. He’s also skilled at getting to the problems quickly and addressing the issues. Excellent customer service.


Chicago, IL – Jack Stephensen and Team

Jack Stevenson is exceptional. Promised work back the same day.  Couldn’t believe I had it back in 3 hrs.!! Terrific job on really old floor plans.
automotive dealership

SoCal – Lily Fajardo

Hello Lily,
I can’t express how much I appreciate this.  Your understanding and follow through will not be overlooked.  Great Customer experience here!!!
civil engineering firm


Jacksonville, FL – Mike Steadman

The boards we had mounted and laminated with the “dry eraser” last week went over really well. Our customer and the clients loved them, worked out really well in the meeting they had. Please pass the word along to your team and thank you for the quick turnaround and great job.
design/build firm


Orange County – Color Team

Hi Wayne,
Everything looks great, we are already getting so many compliments. My Director actually cried when she saw how beautiful it all looked. Thank you all for your hard work and the beautiful flowers. Looking forward to seeing some of you this evening.
health care advocacy group


San Francisco — Steven Chow

I like that Steven follows up with a phone call or email. He explains the solution on fixing the problem and always does a test before leaving. I learn a little more each time we have plotter problems.
electrical engineer


Alabama – Team

OMG! you are great. Thanks. Jon will pick them up either this afternoon or 8 am Monday.
construction company


Atlanta, GA – John Duncan & Team

I appreciated your note, and we all appreciate the excellent service you have always provided.  The turnaround on the project we sent yesterday was amazing.  Thank you.
commercial & healthcare real estate firm


ARC Online Customer Info – Wendell Loyd

Wendell is very helpful and accommodating. Keep up the good work.


ARC Bangalor, India – Vidyadhara M.S.

Hi Vidyadhara,
I just want to take a minute to appreciate the support I am getting from you on our various marketing and event requirements. If I reflect on the bumpy ride we had a few years ago and now, I could see a remarkable change in how ARC is handling and fulfilling the requests. Particularly, I am very impressed with your professionalism and customer focus.  In the last few engagements, you and your team had gone the extra mile to deliver timely and quality services to us. Great job and kudos for all the hard work. You have certainly exceeded my expectations. Keep it up!!
Best regards,
global technology corporation


Costa Mesa, CA – Susan Beckman & Team

We don’t use you guys often, but every time we do, you guys always come through for us and make us look good.
Thank you,
creative design firm


Aurora, CO – Team

Dan and I just wanted to thank all of you guys/ girls  at ARC for the rush with the drawings today!!  We really appreciate it. THANK YOU!!
construction company


ARC Philadelphia  – Bob Endy & Team

Dear Robert,
The Design Team here would like to compliment you and your workers at ARC @ Arch Street on your above and beyond customer service. Being able to turn around our project and deliver prints on such a short notice at a beautiful quality was impressive enough, but the people involved were a pleasure to speak with. Friendly and knowledgeable, they made us feel confident and comfortable with our decision to work with you! Keep up the outstanding work, you will hear from us again!
Jackie & the rest of Team
interior design firm


Vancouver, Canada – Julio Giron & Team

Hi Julio,
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with many excellent printers in the Vancouver area; however, the consistency in quality and flexibility that you and your staff has shown in our pre-Roundup rush is second to none. Thank you also for the flexibility with pricing; as a not-for-profit organization this is very much appreciated.
international trade association


ARC Northern CA — Rosa Villalobos

Hello Rosa,
I just wanted to thank you and your team for expediting our orders so quickly. You guys are a pleasure to work with, have a great day.
real estate developer



Sacramento, CA – Marlen Morris & Team

Thank you very much for the efforts you made to complete our last-minute project. The process was smooth and the booklets looked great. We truly appreciate your hard work and outstanding customer service. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Danielle, Noreen & the Team
regional construction company


Honolulu, Hawaii – Conan Kodaman & Team

Hi Sean and Conan,
Sorry for the lateness of my message, but thank you for getting that decal over to us so quickly last week. I think we got it a day after I ordered it. It is up on the wall and it looks great, just what we wanted.  Now I know who to go to if we need these type of things. Thanks again, have a great weekend.
engineering firm


SoCal – Lisa Mason & Team

I just wanted to say that ARC Documents Solutions in Riverside has provided incredible services for our company. In our industry, we have critical deadlines which require immediate services and ARC has been able to deliver successfully. We are happy to work with your team and appreciate the many times the staff had to stay late or come in early to meet our deadlines. Your commitment for customer satisfaction is commendable. We look forward to continue working with you.
Thank you!
regional architecture & engineering firm


Honolulu, Hawaii – Sean Watamura

Sean! You are a genius! Love the custom frame back! Everything looks great 🙂 Thank you so much for all your help with this event, we truly appreciate it!
Thank you,
franchise owner/operator


Lexington, KY — Mike Ridiman & Beth Ridiman

Mike Ridiman and Beth Ridiman do a great job.
security system company


Oconomowoc, WI – Dan Moldenhauer

We are very happy with your man Dan Moldenhauer. We have been with him for years.  His service and attention to our needs are top of the line.


Cincinnati, OH – Rena Parker

Just want to pay your Cincinnati employees a compliment – Rena Parker in particular.  She is always happy and eager to help.  Always a pleasure to see when I stop by to pick up prints.
specialty contractor


South Bend, IN – Team

The staff at the South Bend location have always gone out of their way to address all our questions and concerns.  This is a great business.  Keep up the great work at ARC SOUTH BEND!
architectural firm


Cincinnati, OH – Laura Jordan

Laura Jordan in the Cincinnati office is extremely helpful and quick to respond to requests.  She is honest about when ARC can met my deadlines and when more time is needed.  If I make a mistake in my order, I can call or email her and she addresses my problem immediately.
architectural firm


Chicago, IL – Jack Stephensen and Team

Keep Jack Stephenson at the Chicago Office. The entire staff over there is amazing but Jack is The Man. Saves me time and energy and reviews my orders better than I do.
property management company


Clawson, MI – Dawn Tinskey

All orders and correspondence with Dawn Tinskey has been fantastic!
fitness company


Fort Wayne, IN – Team

Love the Fort Wayne location!
printing company


Lexington, KY – Mike Ridiman

Mike Ridiman does a great job here!
electrical contractor


Cincinnati, OH – Rena Parker & Laura Jordan

I would like to say Rena Parker and Laura Jordan help us tremendously and do a terrific job.
construction company


Addison, IL – Jenn Kiss

Jenn Kiss is our rep and absolutely FABULOUS!!!!
office furniture store


Cincinnati, OH – Rena Parker

Rena Parker is awesome!
interior design firm


Clawson, MI – Matt Sink

Matt Sink is extremely knowledgeable with sign design and made the process very simple and hassle free.
machining company


Chicago, IL – Jack Stephensen and Team

Keep up the good work.  Appreciate Jack Stephenson’s help in Chicago!


Columbus, OH – Jeff Burch

Everything is great… Jeff Burch in color is honestly the most helpful and patient person – great customer service!
software developer