S.T.A.R. Newsletter: January 2017!

David Stickney| January 16, 2017

Along with 9 pieces of outstanding customer feedback, we have a special employee feature to start off the year! One of our employee’s son won two medals at the Junior Olympics! Make sure to check out the story once you’re done reading this S.T.A.R. newsletter.

1. ARC Southern CA

Susan –

Thanks for all your help and quick response time.  Got these today.  Our park staff is very appreciative when the public can be better informed. Hope your Holidays are going well.


2. ARC Southern CA

Cindy & David,

Thank you very much for the fine job you did for us late last Thursday, emailed electronically Friday, delivering the prints this morning; very timely despite the holiday rush/city closure on Friday.  That was the first time we used an ARC office in another city and the process of obtaining the plans held at the city.  It proved to be easier than I thought; a lot has to do with the parties involved in the process and communication.

Thanks again,

3. ARC Southern CA

The displays are up and functioning as planned.  They look great!

Thanks Ed for your patience, professionalism and partnership.  More projects to follow…


4. ARC Southern CA

Good morning Kelly, I just want to take a minute of your time to wish you the best in this New Year that we started.
I wish the best to you and your family.

I also want to thank you for your excellent work and the support you gave me during 2016. I hope this year we will continue the same or much better
Have a great Year, Month, Week and day ☺

Lupita Garcia

5. ARC Southern CA

Dear all at ARC,

Thank you for your great service this year.  I have had a couple jobs with some very specific directions from the client, and ARC made it happen.
Thank you for always delivering before the due time.

Happy holidays!

6. ARC Chicago

I would like to give kudos to our admin staff Winona Wright, Jessica Marano, and ARC Tory Lawrence who worked as a team diligently the last week to help Project Manager Bryan Kapala get out a very critical deliverable. Winona managed the process under Bryan’s direction to help get over 140 packages out to our clients and stakeholders under a very tight schedule – and during the holiday week. Great job – I am proud of you all and wanted everyone to know what an EXCELLENT job you all did!
Thank you for your efforts.

7. ARC Ohio

Yes! Thank you! I will be there between 9am – 10am.

My deepest apologies that we didn’t make it there yesterday. With all the snow from yesterday, the owner of the company decided to leave this afternoon.  With that said, I want express my gratitude to you and the ARC team for such a quick turnaround. The customer service that ARC has provided has been phenomenal, reliable, and extremely pleasant.

I wish you a great Friday and a great weekend, and thank you again!

ARC Northern CA – Sacramento

Thank you so very much. I want you to know how much I appreciate your team’s responsiveness. I’m amazed and thrilled at the final product, and more, so relieved at the quick turn-around and response time. I’m grateful.  Are you a customer of ours?  You should be. We love customers like you.
Thank you!

9. ARC – Dallas , TX

Thanks everyone that rushed to get our banners out. When I got the request I didnt think it was possible, so we are all very thankful that you were able to pull it off.


About the S.T.A.R. (Special Thanks and Recognition) Newsletter: We regularly receive a significant amount of unsolicited comments and feedback from our customers and partners. To celebrate those that take the time to say “thank you” and the great work of our team members, we’ll be posting some highlights here twice a month. We hope these stories stand as a testament to what we do the best: “offering exceptional services.