September Webcasts: Emergency Preparedness and Healthcare Compliance

Jake Young| September 17, 2020

September marks a bittersweet time of year when students go back to school and the workforce gets back into full swing. This month is an optimal time to think about emergency preparedness and health care compliance.

ARC® is in the business of building information management. These three September webcasts will focus on mobile solutions that improve how teams access information during emergencies. For health care specifically, the September 15th webcast will address regulatory compliance preparedness.

These webcasts are complimentary, between 30 minutes to one hour in length, and always recorded so that you can listen to them at any time.

September 13 Webcast: Emergency Preparedness for the Modern Facilities Leader

Managing building information plays a pivotal role in a wide range of facility managers’ daily activities. How that information integrates within a facility manager’s emergency plan often presents a bottleneck to the effective execution of a disaster response.Managing building information

While emergencies are rare events, the ramifications  disasters have far-reaching effects. In fact, FEMA reported that 40% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster.

Big business is not immune either; the mobile phone manufacturer Ericsson lost over $400 million in sales because they had no alternative plan when a fire hit one of their microchip plants. Conversely, Nokia, which had an alternative plan in place, saw their profits rise by 42% the same year Ericsson lost $400 million.

To learn more about using mobile solutions to respond to emergencies, watch this emergency preparedness webcast.

September 15 Webcast: Life Safety and Compliance in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, properly managing building information as it relates to Emergency and Life Safety affects the bottom line whether disaster strikes or not. Depending on the location of the hospital, various state-level commissions monitor hospitals’ continuous compliance with standards related to the hospital’s physical environment.

A hospital facility manager is responsible for maintaining continuous compliance and recording the appropriate documentation. This documentation stands as evidence for unexpected “audits,” which accreditation commissions conduct regularly.

In this healthcare compliance webcast, see how mobile apps are allowing facility managers to turn a massive undertaking into a simple process by enabling facilities teams to:

  • Share compliance information company-wide
  • Organize compliance activities
  • Assess previous inspection records.

You won’t want to miss this webcast.  Learn more.

September 19 Webcast: Campus Safety and the Importance of an Emergency Response Coordination and Situational Awareness

Improving emergency response with better coordination and situational awareness is—or should be—a major focus in Campus Safety. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the devastating effects that different types of crises, from active shooters and bomb threats to natural disasters, have on campuses.

Together with Campus Safety Magazine, we are helping campus officials improve their emergency response via a one-hour webcast featuring  David Burns, Certified Emergency Manager, Consultant for EM Program Development, Mass Notification and Crisis Management.

Register for the webcast today and you’ll receive information on available solutions and actionable insights based on firsthand experience.

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