Update SPOTLIGHT: A Long and Happy Road

David Stickney| May 11, 2017

UPDATE: We care about each other here at ARC. It’s one of the things that’s kept me here for more than 17 years. (Though that makes me a spring chicken compared to those listed below!) I bring it up because of all the people who wrote in this morning to tell me about their coworkers and friends with 25, 30 and 40 years.

It’s “us” celebrating “us,” and that, too, is a thing you don’t always see in today’s world.

Rather than making you wait another month, here’s who we heard about today. (Something tells me this won’t be the last time we do this!)

Gary Kerns in Seattle, started 49 years ago in February of 1968. He took two three-year breaks: one for military service (thanks for your service to the country, Gary!), and one to pursue a radio career.

Eddie Weiss wrote in to say Henry Pena of Region 6 celebrated 31 years this year. It just so happens Eddie has 30 years himself, starting as a foot messenger in NYC in 1987.

Colleen Guy in Ann Arbor MI, will have been with the company 31 years this Saturday, May 13th. She wrote to tell us her coworker, Jamie Masterton will be here 25 years in November, and another, Jeff Audette, will have 35 years this month.

At Imaging Resources in SoCal, Fran Johnston has been with us for 45 years, and Mark Rivera, who started as a warehouse picker, has been here 38 years. Even more fun to know is that both of them took their very first job with us!

Also in SoCal, Clider Martinez has devoted 30 years of his career with us after starting as a driver in 1987. He’s now an Area Manager for ARC Los Angeles.

Accounting Manager Cyndi Nail, in Houston, has been keeping up with the numbers for 39 years. To the west in Austin, Newlyn “Ms. Cookie” Erck, has been practicing accounting and customer service for 25 years, and Alex Parma, the general manager in Austin, has been getting it done for 33 years.

Mark Presler from our Stockton, CA customer service team has been there more than 30 years, and way out in Hawaii, production manager Michael Whitt is 33 years and counting!

Thanks to all for your service to your coworkers, teams and our customers!




Last month when we called out Joyce’s 30-year work anniversary in Seattle, we wanted to shine a little light on a lot of loyalty and dedication.

Turns out we can shine a lot of light on such things here at ARC!

After the post was published on ARC’s website, we heard about more than 10 people who have worked with us for 25 years or more! We even got a few pictures, to boot.

As much as we’d like to highlight each one on their own anniversary date, we just don’t want to wait that long. So, without further ado, please meet:

In Region 1…

Steve Hinkel has been with us almost 45 years — he was hired as janitor at San Jose Blue and is now MPS/Software Manager in Alameda, CA!


In Region 3…

Mami Lopez has been with us for 48 years in Houston…and Sue Ramsey has her beat by a year with 49 years in Corpus Christi!


In Region 5…

…there might as well be a 30-Year Club whose members include:

Michael Comella in Cincinnati (second from left in photo above); Jim Asbury in Crown Point, Indiana (third from left in photo above); Jeff Perhogan and Cari Puffpaff in Clawson, MI… (Carri is the far right in photo above); and Tim Morehouse in Minneapolis, MN (far left in photo above)


In Region 6…

…how about a 40-Plus Club in Region 6?!

Thomas Ardito in Cranston, RI has 42 years of service; Frank Pressimone from New York has 42 years of service; John Scheufele in Maryland has 40 years of service…and Sam Wexler, the Sales Wizard/Energizer Bunny of ARC for as long as anyone has known him, has 47 years of service!

Thank you all for your dedication over the past decades!


A special shout out goes to SoCal’s Alfonso Sutherland who recently retired after 33 years of service (photo at left). He was hired as a Diazo operator — otherwise known as a “blueprinter”– back in 1984.

When his boss, Lisa Mawson, asked what he was most proud of, he said his “dedication and hard work at ARC!”

Alfonso isn’t letting anything slow him down at 64 years old – he’s busy traveling, roller blading, jogging and doing yoga! Something tells me we’ll be hearing about Alfonso for a long time to come!

Congratulations, Alfonso! Enjoy your retirement! 


Going forward, we’ll be celebrating work anniversaries in five year increments. If you’ve got a 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th,  a 45th or even a 50th anniversary coming up, let us know! We want to bake a cake, blow up some balloons, and sing!

(Long-timers aren’t the only ones we want to Spotlight, either, so watch this space!)