2019 ARC Calendar is Ready to Print

November 20, 2018 Vanessa Mekonnen

At the end of each year we take time to say thanks to our customers and community for choosing ARC as ...


Omaha Zoo Digitizes Entire Records Room and Discovers Unexpected Benefits

October 5, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

The Omaha Zoo Foundation had run out of office space. To expand—without the expense of renting or constructing ...


Custom Office Wall Graphics Light Up Denver Sales Center

February 20, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

In early January, the walls of ARC’s Velocity Sales Center in downtown Denver underwent a radical redesign. ...


Nailing the Rose Bowl Look with Stadium Signage and Graphics

February 15, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

On January 1st, the Georgia Bulldogs needed double overtime to take down the Oklahoma Sooners. It was ...


From Millennials to Baby Boomers, Great Workplace Design Works For Everyone

January 9, 2018 Christian Meyer

In a wide-ranging survey on work environment preferences, the largest difference of opinion between millennials ...


10 Ways to Wrap up 2017 and Look Ahead to 2018

December 21, 2017 Jennifer Boydon

2017 was an exciting year for construction and building management with developments and innovations ...


Giving Thanks to Our Customers, Community, and Employees

November 22, 2017 Brian Bailard

In our November newsletter, we approached our loyal customers with a simple, open-ended question. "What ...


How John Hyland Construction Improved Communications Using the ARC Mobile Projects Dashboard

October 5, 2017 Dan Gowin

Team and stakeholder communication is vital for any construction project. Much of that communication ...


Paper Is In the Past. What’s Your Exit Strategy?

August 15, 2017 Rick Carr

Paper is an obsolete archiving media.  It wastes space, is disorganized and is not immediately accessible. ...

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