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As businesses reopen, clear and compelling signs that communicate new health and safety practices are critically important. To help protect your employees, ARC Provide a full COVID-19 graphics solution from consultations and site survey to production and installation. We’ll explore your needs and walkthrough your facility to gather photos and floor plans then we’ll create a customize signage package and produce and install your graphics to improve the safety of your employees and guests. For a free consultation or discuss about your signage requirement contact us today.

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Make your workplace safe

Preparing for a post-pandemic world is one of the first steps businesses can take as they evolve the way they think and how they conduct day-to-day business amid COVID-19. Moving forward, most organizations will need to put careful thought and care into placing updated posters and signs throughout their facilities to keep visitors safe from COVID-19 transmission, and to comply with local health department mandates. Designed for organizations that are operating amid COVID-19, this collection features a variety of posters, signs, and floor graphics that provide crucial information to team members and visitors.

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A collection of COVID-19 Graphics for Schools and Educators

As schools begin to reopen their classrooms amid COVID-19, most institutions will need to adopt new protocols and carefully plan how to create a safe learning environment for students and staff. This collection of graphics is designed especially for educational institutions that are operating amid COVID-19. provides a variety of posters and floor graphics that help schools provide crucial health and wellness information to students, staff, and parents. ARC Provide a full COVID-19 Graphics solution from consultations and site survey to production and installation.

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Health & Wellness Signs

Our health and wellness posters will periodically remind your employees and visitors the importance of staying fit and maintaining personal well-being during and post the pandemic. Put these up in the common areas of your office or store that see maximum traffic. Our posters and signs are available in multiple languages and laminated with premium materials for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

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Social Distancing Signs

Social distancing signs remind team members, customers, and the public to maintain a minimum distance to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Use these in the high traffic areas of your store or office placed at a minimum of six feet away from one another. This will indicate your employees and visitors the distance that they need to maintain.

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Storefront Signs

Let your customers know you have re-opened your business by displaying important COVID-19 health and safety information before visitors enter your facility. Our signs, posters and banners are available in multiple sizes and finishes. Choose from a large selection of posters and signs, or create your own custom message for any unique need or requirement that your business has.

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Lines & Lobbies Signs

Lobbies and common areas are hotspots for mass gatherings face-to-face interactions. Our ride selection of posters and signs will help you to direct foot traffic, maintain proper social distancing, and provide visitors and employees with the latest health and safety protocols. Being put up at the hubs of public gatherings, inside your office, they will always get noticed.

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Elevators & Restrooms Signs

Most elevators and washrooms have very limited capacity, making it difficult to maintain proper social distance amid COVID-19. Choose from a variety of graphics to remind visitors to practice good hygiene and keep social distance while in private or enclosed areas. Our graphics will act as constant reminders on the importance of maintaining minimal occupancy in enclosed areas.

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Wayfinding Signs

Most hallways, elevators, restrooms and stairwells tend to be narrow or enclosed areas, making it difficult to maintain proper social distancing. To address this, many organizations are adapting their floorplans to accommodate one-way foot traffic and are regulating the maximum number of guests within elevators and conference rooms. Our wide selection of posters and floor decals will help you direct employees and visitors around your facility with clearly-labeled instructions to maintain social distance standards.

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Signs for Dining Area

Our huge collection of graphics designed for restaurants and dining areas will remind employees, guests, and students to practice social distancing and maintain good hygiene. Offering high visibility and printed on durable materials, these signs and posters will scale to any size area at your facility. Keep your employees, employees and dining areas safe with our signs and posters.

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Jobsites Signs

As a large number of workers and visitors go in and out of a jobsite each day, displaying crucial health and safety information helps maintain hygienic conditions and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our signs and graphics are available in a variety of durable materials and are easily customized to adapt to any unique needs your site has.

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Office Backdrops

Professional office backdrops can transform your home into a professional workspace. When you host or attend video conferences, it can be difficult to hide busy backgrounds, clutter, or private items from view. But we can help you to quickly changes your room into a professional atmosphere and can be set up in seconds! Simply provide your logo or image and we will take care of the rest.

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