Archiving & Information Management White Paper for the Power Industry

Uxd Team| December 8, 2015

Ready access to accurate information is imperative to achieving the business results required to remain competitive in today’s power industry environment.
Whether electric power is generated by fossil, nuclear or renewable fuels such as wind or solar, timely access to information is essential to meeting daily demands for operation, maintenance and modification of existing power generating stations.

Companies seeking to establish effective information delivery platforms for its own staff, as well as interaction with external business partners, must consider a range of issues from the media on which information is stored to the multiple types of end user information needs. Media from paper or microform storage to fully digitized and electronic files are in the mix – each with its own challenges.

ARC Document Solutions is a customer-centric technology-based business solution provider. ARC partners with its client to develop effective strategies and deployment options to meet the unique challenges of capture, conversion, management and delivery of information required to accomplish work and achieve business objectives.

ARC Document Solutions’ Archiving and Information Management (AIM) Program is a comprehensive suite of customizable services and technologies that leverage a SaaS delivery model. AIM enables a range of capabilities to support daily design, operations, maintenance and supply chain business functions for power generating stations.

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