Document Retention & Information Governance for AEC Industry E-book

Uxd Team| December 8, 2015

Most, if not all, companies today wrestle with issues of document retention and information governance. How long should you keep your documents? Do you have to keep paper copies? Are digital scans legally admissible? What’s better, paper or digital?

In light of the strategic importance of information to companies, the flood of information created and received by companies on a daily basis, and the increasing focus by regulators, judges, and investigators on information governance practices, these and other questions relating to how companies should create, receive, store, protect, transfer, and dispose of documents, are vital questions for companies in all industries, including the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. That’s why ARC Document Solutions asked us to create this ebook — as a high-level overview of significant document retention and information governance challenges for companies in the AEC industry, and solutions to those challenges.

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