ishipdocs – Creating Business Networks and Communities in the Cloud White Paper

Uxd Team| December 8, 2015

Cloud printing is now ubiquitous and accepted as an integral part of most companies’ document management infrastructure. For the last two years ARC, with the cloud application ishipdocs, has been providing customers with Cloud Printing Services (CPS). ishipdocs users range from global Enterprises to Single users. What these users have in common is the desire to get large business documents anywhere, at anytime, in the shortest amount of time.

The benefits of Cloud Printing Services are clear. Print hardware and software costs are reduced. The cost of print with CPS is based on measured usage, in a just in time model. And distribution costs are drastically reduced with digital delivery combined with local print, avoiding the “print here, overnight there” model that has built the overnight delivery industry.

What makes ARC’s CPS offering unique is the ability to securely share and distribute large files over the ishipdocs network of print service providers. This capability gives users powerful Managed File Transfer capabilities as well.

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