Getting Started with Email Management for Projects and Teams

Using ARC’s SKYSITE platform to Create one Source of Truth

Can’t find that information? For better or worse, email is frequently the way people send important information on a project. The problem is finding it when you need it. With ARC’s SKYSITE, you can track all your team or project’s email in a single place, along with all the other documents you need. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the benefits of storing all your information in a single source of truth, how to get email into the system, including mail between other team members or partners. From your mobile device or desktop, ARC’s SKYSITE ensures you can always get to the information you need.

Session Speakers:

Arc Document Solutions

Kevin has been in the construction industry since 2011, with roles at Kiewit Infrastructure Group and Truebeck Construction. Since joining SKYSITE in 2017, Kevin has focused his efforts on alleviating the issues he faced everyday as a project manager: fostering collaboration through improved document and project management.

Arc Document Solutions

Since joining ARC in 2001, Jon has led both operational and software teams; working with ARC’s premier Global Solutions customers as well as leading the development of ARC’s award-winning Print Cost Recovery solution – Abacus. Today, Jon oversees software development for SKYSITE, ARC’s cloud-based Construction, Facilities and Document Management System application.