ARC Emergency

Instant access to Emergency Information

Emergency situations develop suddenly and escalate quickly. Instant access to critical building,
life safety and equipment information can minimize damage and protect lives.

Instant Access on Any Device

Safely resolving emergency situations requires clear communication and coordinated actions. Use your phone or tablet to annotate maps and plans – highlighting the exact incident location. Share via text message or email to ensure everyone is working from the same data.

About how to locate and service equipment faster emergencies

Locate Emergency Equipment

Easily locate the nearest safety and security equipment with clickable maps. Tap on equipment to view inspection reports or technician notes. Enable staff to find anything in seconds and take immediate action.

Find Shutoffs Fast

During an emergency, every second counts. Safely shutting down a piece of equipment, a power source or water line can prevent damage and potential injuries from occurring. Use your phone or tablet to instantly locate shut-offs and take immediate action.

Contact an Expert

Stay Informed