Los Angeles (Beverly Hills – S. Robertson Blvd)

Rating: 4.7 - 17 reviews

900 S. Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035
United States

Phone: (310) 657-0040
Email: beverlyhills@e-arc.com


Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Walter Mayen

Ratings & Reviews

4.7 /5

Based on 17 Reviews

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Customer reviews

5 /5
David Steinitz 2017-07-20

I have only used these guys and this office for the last 20 years. They are all the best people I could hope to deal with. They always get it correct and they always have it ready for me to pick up when I am in a rush. Walter has even stayed after they closed just so I could pick up plans I needed for the next morning. Best deal in town!

Team ARC

Hi David, Thanks so much for the kind words and for being a loyal customer! ARC is proud to service great customers like you!

5 /5
Peter J 2017-06-22

Working with ARC is great! Great communication and great turn around time and great customer service! Team ARC is easy to work with and professional.

4 /5


5 /5
Nancy Q. 2017-05-24

Working with them is seamless and easy. When I do have a chance to speak with someone who works there - it has always been pleasant and professional. Their delivery drivers are professional and on time - always.

Team ARC

Great to hear! Thanks for the positive feedback, Nancy.

5 /5
Courtney 2017-05-23

Beverly Hills ARC has always been our go-to for all printing. They are extremely fast, reliable, and always friendly and accommodating. They're the best!

5 /5
Tom N. 2017-05-22

Friendly and helpful every time. And always a fast turn-around.

5 /5
Cris Herrera 2017-05-22

Walter, Guillermo, Duong and the front desk is very prompt on my request to them. If I request that my materials be scanned, printed, delivered within the day, they never fail to deliver the expectations. Moreover, if you call them, it doesn't take that long to resolve problems that you may encounter. That is why we keep on sending our materials for our documents solution needs for years. Keep up the good work guys.

Team ARC

We will keep up the good work and we truly appreciate your feedback!

5 /5
Parisa Nejad 2017-05-22

Beverly Hills ARC has always been very responsive and cooperative when it comes to our print jobs. We enjoy working with their team very much and will continue sending our projects their way.

5 /5
Marco Rodriguez 2017-05-19

Beverly Hills ARC has always been fast, courteous, and cooperative. Its a pleasure working with them on our projects.

5 /5
Danielle 2017-05-19

Our construction company has been working with ARC for years. They are quick and friendly.

5 /5
Yvonne 2017-05-18

These guys work fast. They are super friendly and had my prints done faster than I expected. LOVE them. :-)

Team ARC

We love you too Yvonne! We appreciate your business and the review.

5 /5
Aaron L 2017-05-17

The team at ARC Beverly Hill Office is amazing! I specifically worked with Walter who has truly made a lifetime customer of me. I had a complicated job that needed to get done asap and he and the ARC crew went above and beyond to get it done super-fast (next day) and perfect! So happy with their customer service, quality of work and communication! Excellent

Team ARC

So great to hear you had an excellent experience and we look forward to working with you again!

5 /5
Kevin M 2017-05-17

I'm so glad I found this place! I can definitely recommend, very friendly staff, best customer service. The print quality was great! Better than expected and they did the job so fast it was awesome.

Team ARC

We're glad you found us, too, Kevin! Thanks for the review!

5 /5
Raymond Moses of Moses and Assiociates. 2017-05-17

Walter and the entire staff has provided excellent service during the many years I have needed their assistance. They are very cooperative and provide the highest level of service.

Team ARC

Love to hear we're getting it done for our customers, Raymond. Thanks for the review!

5 /5
June V. 2017-05-16

I have worked with Walter and his staff for a very long time now. They have always been very friendly and and go out of their way to help me out when I'm in a rush or have a deadline.

Team ARC

It's been our pleasure to assist you, June, especially with your deadlines. Thank you for the review.

1 /5
Customer service needs improvement 2017-05-11

Customer service in the Bevery Hills branch is horrible. They must not value their customers because rather than helping when a question arises, they just transfer the call around. They take no responsibility for their work and even sound angry over the phone. When submitting email orders, there is no reference or confirmation number to link with, so if there's a question about the order, how do you reference?

Team ARC

First, thank you for letting us know about the problem you had with our service. Without people telling us where we fall short, it’s hard to improve.   Second, you have our sincere apologies for any perception of being passed around the shop. Our Beverly Hills service center is undergoing renovation and the staff from both West L.A. and Beverly Hills are temporarily sharing space and equipment. That’s undoubtedly what resulted in the confusion and delay on the phone. Frankly, we should have been better prepared.   Third, we’d like to make this right. We’re proud of our customer service and would appreciate the opportunity to serve you again the way you deserve.   Please give us a ring back (or email us) and let us know how we can make this right. Thanks.

5 /5
Ian Walmsley, Ian Walmsley Design 2017-04-12

Walter and his staff are excellent. Their great service is predictable and dependable.

Team ARC

Thanks for the shout out, Ian. We think Walter and the crew rock it, too!

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