Empowering you to build more

The sheer complexity and number of moving parts that take a project from design to facilities management makes any building expensive. No one feels this financial pain more than the owner. Yet, with the proper document workflows in place, owners and developers can increase visibility into projects, speed up delivery time (closeouts in as little as one week), and reduce costs and risk.

Building intelligence®

ARC’s document applications give you real-time building intelligence regardless of the project’s stage. From design to build to operate, you and your team are given instant access to project documents and information, enabling smarter decision making.

Gain certainty and control

During pre and active construction, ARC’s applications reassure owners and developers with stronger communication between teams. By the time a project reaches the operate stage, all changes to documents and as-builts from the design and build phase are passed off with the accuracy needed to care for your building long after the concrete first hardened.

Pour concrete sooner

With ARC Projects and Facilities, your building information is centralized with updates occurring in real-time and accessible anywhere, so that your teams can instantly access current documents. And, without time wasted searching for documents, your project gets delivered sooner.

Less rework, more money

More effective document management—whether construction drawings, BIM, or O&Ms—means less room for error. Real-time access to all project documents keeps teams on the same page, boosting communication and collaboration, and ensuring that you won’t be covering the costs of their mistakes down the road.