Productivity solutions for your teams

The lifeblood of your business is the people. But at the core of their interactions everyday is one thing: your company’s documents. How these documents are stored, shared, and collaborated on can have huge financial and operational ramifications for the company. Fortunately, documents don’t have to be just a cost center—but can be used to drive strategy and achieve business results.

Turn documents into an executive strategy

Every document an employee creates is a piece of intellectual property. How are you collecting this valuable IP? ARC Archives captures this knowledge so the organization continues to maximize the return of IP long after the original document was created.

Take control of your business

Eliminate 1000s of hours of document management with solutions that help you drive how the work is done. No or even less paper means costs reductions and more efficient use of your employees’ time. Real-time project updates transform communication amongst your teams, helping everyone build as one and avoid costly errors.

Manage through documents

Your company’s documents are the main form of communication in the field or in the office. Providing managers with the proper tools to effectively share, submit requests, and collaborate with their team means reduced rework and overtime resulting in increased productivity and a more cohesive workforce.

Get more from your team

At least an hour a day is wasted by employees searching for the documents they need to do their job. ARC Archives service and solution turns that hour into seconds with instantaneous access to information from desktop or mobile devices. That’s time your employees get back to get real work done–increasing productivity by 10%-20%.

Protect the company, always

Are you ready to present the necessary documents during litigation? Do you have an up-to-date and easily accessible source for all your critical documents? With ARC Archives, your documents are stored digitally for maximum compliance, reducing legal risk. Top of the line encryption, regular backups, and no documents to burn or sink, ensure your documents are safe.

Managed print, managed budget

On average, companies spend $2,700 per employee annually on direct printing expenses. This is is capital you could be putting to more effective uses. ARC’s Managed Print Services help customers take control over those hidden print costs—saving money, supporting green initiatives, and increasing productivity through automation.

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