Improve productivity. Cut cost. Reduce risk. Gain the competitive advantage.

As a finance leader, you’re not only expected to keep costs low, but also ensure that you’re continuing to see a return from the company’s investment. Are you seeing measurable ROI from an unavoidable cost center: your company’s documents? Digital and paper information is more than the cost of doing business. It’s IP. How you manage this information means the difference between an expense or an investment.

Turn archiving into an executive strategy

Every document an employee creates is a piece of intellectual property. Are you collecting this valuable IP? ARC Archives cloud application and digitizing services allows you to easily secure and store that knowledge long after the original creator leaves the company.

Get more from your team

At least 1 to 2 hours a day are wasted by employees searching for the documents they need to do their job. ARC Archives service and application turns that hour into seconds with instantaneous access to information from desktop or mobile devices. That’s time your employees get back to get real work done = 10 to 20% productivity improvement.

Don't waste capital

How much are you spending on ink toner alone? There’s likely a cabinet full of toner sitting near an expensive printer unused—wasted capital. Digital archiving and document management allows you to eliminate the need for paper, printers, and all the lease and maintenance costs that come with it.

Ensure you’re playing it safe

Are you ready to present the necessary documents during litigation? Do you have an up-to-date and easily accessible source for all your critical documents? With ARC Archives, your documents are stored digitally for maximum compliance. Top of the line encryption, regular backups, and no documents to burn or sink, ensure your documents are safe.