Project management made easy

You’re already managing people, projects, and budgets. Let’s take documents off your plate. ARC Projects delivers industry services to help reduce overtime along with a powerful cloud-based document management solution that frees you up to manage what matters most.

Powerful search and find functionality

How much time is wasted each day shuffling through drawings, cabinets, and unorganized desktop folders? That’s time you and your team could use to get the project to closeout. ARC Projects offers powerful search, allowing you to pull up any document instantly.

Always build from the latest set

ARC Projects provides you and your team a centralized location for all your documents with auto-sync to ensure that everyone is always working from the latest set. And with everyone on the same page, less mistakes are made and projects are delivered faster and with greater accuracy.

Navigate drawings with a tap

ARC provides both hyperlinking services and mobile-based dashboards that organize, index, and link all documents associated with a complex construction project. Instead of flipping through hundreds of plan sheets or binders, your team can quickly tap or click to the information they need in seconds—increasing productivity and collaboration.

Easily manage RFIs and submittals

Manage and edit your RFIs and submittals in one location—directly in the ARC Projects application. No more managing submittals through email chains and attachments. The built-in submittals workflow facilitates proper document routing between project teams. And, with centralized access you can look forward to an expedited approvals process.

Handoff like a pro

ARC Projects application allows PMs to create custom folder structures that fit the specifications of each project. This structure is retained when the project is migrated out of the application. This means that your documents retain all their intelligence—markups, tags, and links—at closeout so you can easily handoff latest as-builts to owners and facilities managers.

Modernize jobsite meetings

Bring your team together and get to the point sooner with SmartScreen, a giant interactive touchscreen that enables you to share plans, files, and internet content in an interactive way. No more hunching over drawings or sharing a small device screen.