Most construction workers are not anti-technology, they are anti-wasting time!

Construction workers are under daily pressure to be productive, efficient and to do more with less. In their mind, time is the most perishable thing. If a tool will help them stay on time and on budget – including technology - they will use it.

Keep your project team on the same page at all times

Never build from outdated plans again

Our mobile construction app is a single-source, cloud-based file sharing and project collaboration tool built with best-in-class technology that guarantees your team is always working from the latest set.

Not just a construction app

ARC Projects has significant advantages over other construction drawing management applications. Since Projects updates by revision date, you can rest assured your team is working from the current set. Our solution also supports 170+ file types–not just PDFs. And when you’re ready for closeout, all tags and links are maintained for easy export. Oh, and did we mention unlimited storage? Projects lets you build without the limits of paywalls or drawing caps.

One-click collaboration

With ONE CLICK you can share the latest files, blueprints, photos, and bid packages with your entire team in real-time.

• Upload 100’s of file types; not just PDF
• Tag and organize photos and link them to drawings
• Markup drawings and share in minutes
• Easily manage submittals, RFIs and punch lists
• Reduce risk with document version control
• Updates are automatically synchronized

Anytime, anywhere access to current plans and documents

Avoid costly delays and rework with up-to-date information shared across your entire team of owners, architects and contractors.

True mobility

Our mobile platform allows your team to access information anytime, from any device. No internet? No problem. Changes will sync as soon as you are connected.

Real intuition, ease of use

Our solution is so simple and intuitive, even the most non-technical team members will ramp up quickly–resulting in increased productivity.

Fewer mistakes, less rework

Eliminate the costly mistakes associated with outdated project information. With real-time sync tools, everyone is always on the same page.

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ARC provides the most secure information system available

Learn about our commitment to standards which ensure your data is always safe.

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