A virtual assistant for emergency preparation

Quick access to emergency plans, evacuation routes and as-builts is key to responding to an emergency. Similarly, the ability to update facility information, distribute policies and validate training is vital to effective emergency preparation. From floods and fires to active shooters, ARC's technology empowers facility managers with information management for emergency preparedness and responsiveness.

Be ready for the worst

Mobile and offline access

ARC provides the ability to retrieve information from any device, at any time. Immediate access enables better coordination with first responders which saves lives and protects property.

Building-level action plans

Responding to an active shooter, bomb threat or natural disaster shouldn’t include searching through a file cabinet. Action plans organized by building enable the facility manager to adapt quickly and definitively during an emergency.

A customized solution

The mobile dashboard navigation is intuitive and custom-built based on your specifications. The result is an organized, searchable index for all your emergency preparedness information.

Emergencies can happen at any time.
Watch how ARC can help.

ARC's mobile technology provides instant access to the critical building information you need–
before, during and after an emergency.

Emergency & Life
Safety Overview

Save lives. Protect property. Aid recovery.

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Reduce risk with digital information management

ARC’s information management dashboard helps mitigate risk before, during and after an emergency. Quick access to shut-offs means small problems don’t become big ones.

Maintain life safety code compliance

With organized information, facility managers gain transparency into their building. Renovation decisions that might trigger code compliance issues are more informed and better executed.

Give the heroes a helping hand

ARC makes sharing critical emergency plan information easy–minimizing delays for first responders attempting to act urgently during a crisis situation.


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