Find the documents you need, FAST

Floor plans, evacuation routes and as-builts are more than just documents. This information is the key to responding to many emergencies. From floods to fires to active shooters, emergency responders need the right info to save lives. ARC Facilities allows for instant access to critical documents anywhere, empowering facilities managers with emergency preparedness and responsiveness.

Be prepared for the worst

Mobile access when minutes matter most

Floods, fires, or even an active shooter on campus, are all emergencies that demand a response from facilities managers. ARC Facilities gives you the ability to retrieve information at a moment’s notice–from any device. Instant access to floors plans and shutoff valves let first responders act fast when every minute saved could mean saving someone’s life.

Respond anywhere, anytime,
from any device

ARC Archives application component is cloud-based, enabling access from any mobile or desktop device–anywhere, anytime. No wifi? No problem. You can access your most current and critical information offline no matter what is happening around you. All you need is your tablet or your phone.

Customized navigation

Dashboard navigation is custom built around your building’s layout and information, boosting document searches and response times.

Reduce Risk with Better Records Management

Can you find the floor plans you need during an active shooter situation—when every second counts? Or a more likely scenario, do you have the documents you need to turn off the gas line shutoff valves during a fire? Better records management reduces risks when you need to quickly respond to an emergency.

Accurate and Accessible Emergency Plans

Renovations that affect floor plans also affect your facility’s emergency plans. ARC Facilities gives FMs instant access to the latest as-builts, keeping emergency plan documents up-to-date.

Give the Heroes a Helping Hand

ARC Facilities makes handing over the floor plans or other critical emergency response information easy, cutting out frustration and waiting times for the fireman or policemen attempting to respond quickly to an emergency.


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