Easy access to your O&Ms, current as-builts, and building contact info

Tasked with serving clients, managing teams, and often maintaining the integrity of multiple buildings, facilities managers don’t have the time to manually search for documents. ARC Facilities is designed with the job in mind, giving FMs the ability to access all their facilities information in a few clicks or taps instead of flipping through hundreds of pages of O&Ms and building related documents.

A better way to manage facilities information

Go from search to found in an instant

Eliminate the need to search through 100s of pages of documents or unintuitive software. ARC Facilities gives you the ability to pull this information up at a moment’s notice, from any device, making searches quick and intuitive.

Easy as tap, swipe, pinch

Touchscreen navigation is custom built around your building’s layout and information, allowing you to go from drawings to floor plans to manuals and warranties in just a few taps. No cumbersome CMMS software or thumbing through binders.

Take your building information anywhere

ARC Facilities is mobile ready, enabling access to information from anywhere, on virtually any device.

Retain employee knowledge

Every document or piece of information created for your organization is an investment. But when an employee leaves with that knowledge you’re not going to see a return. ARC’s Facilities secures and lets you pass off past knowledge—saving you time and money on recreating what you’ve already paid for.

Instant access to critical facilities information

Improve productivity and communication with anywhere, anytime access to every plan, manual, warranty and record.

Facilities Overview

Leverage your building information
to save time and money.

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Get back your time (& money)

Did you know an average facility’s employee spends 1-2 hours a day searching for information? Get that time and money back with instantaneous search capabilities.

Customized navigation

Your facility's dashboard navigation is custom built around your building’s layout and information.

Work from the latest as-builts

Centralized building information means everyone works from the current as-builts, reducing confusion and improving communication amongst your team.

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