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Estimated Annual Savings

Estimated savings based on facilities industry research conducted by AIIM (Association for
 Information Management). Results may vary based on geography, industry and other factors.

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1Productivity and Overtime AvoidanceCustomize13547
Hundreds or thousands of hours are spent looking for the building documentation needed to perform Facilities, Operations, Maintenance and Engineering tasks; documentation such as Current As-Builts, Warranties, and O&M manuals. This wasted time causes overtime and low prodcctivity. Mobile Facilities Dashboards eliminate this time completely.
# of Facilities/Ops/Engineering team members
On average, there are 1.1 hours of overtime per month per Facilities/OPS/ Engineering team employee*
On average, there is 1 hour per day per Facilities/OPS/Engineering employee spent looking building documentation*
Average fully loaded labor cost per hour**
Average over-time fully loaded labor cost at 1.5x

Estimated Monthly overtime avoidance savings

Estimated Annual overtime avoidance savings

Estimated Total Monthly Labor Hours Savings

Estimated Annual Productivity Savings (excluding Overtime savings)
Note: includes all labor hours savings + only the extra overtime fees beyond normal wages
2Catastrophe Avoidance/Reduction Customize13547
Preventing or Reducing the impact of Catastrophes, which are events costing $150,000 to millions, such as floods, fires, power failures, vandalism, hurricanes, active shooters, etc. Mobile Facilities Dashboards give instand access to shut-offs, emergency plans, floor plans, etc from any mobile device.
# of Buildings managed

Frequency of catastrophic events based on # of buildings managed

20 buildings = every 1.7 years*
11-20 buildings = every 2.2 years*
'1-10 buildings = every 3.1 years*

Average financial impact of catastrophe*

'Only 14% of Facilities teams have made emergency procedures available on mobile devices.*

Damage reduction with Mobile Facilities Dashboard

Estimated Annual Cost Savings
3Warranty Avoidance Repair Costs Customize13547
Because it is difficul and time-consuming to find the exact warranty needed for a specific repair, Facilities teams are generally just paying repair fees even though the equipment failure may still be under warranty. Mobile Facilities Dashboards allow Facilities teams to find and check warranties in seconds, avoiding the repair costs.

Average annual repair costs paid per year for repairs on equipment still under warranty:

>20 buildings = $117,500/yr *
'1-20 buildings = $23,500/yr *
Estimated Annual Cost Savings
4Repurpose on-site document/plan/binder storage to higher value use Customize13547
Often, a dedicated plan room is used to store building documents, and these documents, plans and binders may even be spread across multiple rooms and buildings. Paper documents stored locally are at risk of damage or loss from catastrophe or being loaned to service providers. Moving all Facilities documentation to a cloud-based solution frees up the real-estate for a higher value purpose.
Estimated ON-SITE OFFICE space used for storage (sq feet->)
Typical office space cost / sq ft / month*** (default = $40)*
Estimated Annual Cost Savings
5Accelerated Training of new Facilities/OPS team members Customize13547
Retiring workers take decades of knowledge with them, such as where the shut-offs are on older buildings. But, with Mobile Facilities Dashboards, complete building information is made instantly available to new and experienced workers alike.
# of Facilities/Ops/Engineering team members
'29% of Facilities/OPS/Engineering workers are aged 55 or older and retiring within 10 years. *

# of workers expected to retire in the next 10 years (29%)

On average, it takes 6.6 months to train a new Facilities/OPS/ Engineering staff member before they are fully productive.*
'50% reduction on training time for new members using Mobile Facilities Dashboards. %50

Training/Onboarding hours saved per year

Estimated Annual Cost Savings

Prevent accidents from becoming catastrophes

During an emergency, ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards enable teams to quickly locate critical information, take action and minimize costs.

The average cost per catastrophic event

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