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and Documents

In our survey of 179 facilities managers, we found that workers spend nearly an hour per day searching for documents.

Mobile Facilities Dashboards organize all your building and facilities information for instant access to Floor Plans, As-Builts, Warranties, O&Ms, Shut Offs and more.

Number of buildings managed by facilities team

Operational costs and risk exposure rise quickly as the number of buildings increases. Mobile Facilities Dashboards help control costs, mitigate risk and improve productivity.


Total interior space serviced by facilities team

Exclude any outdoor space such as landscaped grounds, open air seating, parking and storage lots.

Square Feet

Square feet dedicated to store documents

Only 46% of important facilities information is stored digitally. Cloud storage enables instant access while securing documents from loss or damage.


Cost per square foot for document storage

The national average for office space is $40 per square foot. Rates vary based on the type of facility and geography. Enter a value that reflects your actual cost.


*Source: AIIM/ARC Survey 2017


Thousands of hours each year are spent looking for building documents. Dashboard improve team productivity, customer service and employee onboarding.

Total number of people on my team


Average hourly rate (excluding benefits)

The national average wage for a Facilities Engineer is $38/hour.

Labor cost

Average overtime hours per employee per month

The average facilities team records 50 hours of overtime per month. Mobile dashboards help eliminate wasted time required to complete daily tasks.


Average hours per day, per person, searching for information

91% of managers report that having current As-Builts is important. However only 50% have access to these drawings. Mobile Dashboards provide instant access to Floorplans, As-Builts, Manuals and more.

Survey results indicate that the average team has 29% of the team set to retire within 10 years.

Employees expected to retire in next 10 years

On average, 29% of facilities team workers are 55 years or older. Dashboards are the ideal tool to capture and transfer experiential knowledge into a digital resource accessible by all workers.

With Mobile Facilities Dashboards, complete building information is instantly available to new team members.

Months for new employee to be fully productive

Mobile Dashboards can reduce the “follow along” time for new hires. Instant access to Floorplans, Shut-Offs and Warranties means even new hires can locate critical systems quickly and respond accordingly.


*Source: AIIM/ARC Survey 2017

Unnecessary Costs

Facilities teams face difficult challenges to minimize risk and reduce financial exposure when things go wrong.

Instant access to critical information like shut-offs and As-Builts can save time and money during an emergency situation.

The average cost per catastrophic event

According to our survey of 179 Facilities Managers and Executives, the average cost for a catastrophic event is $506,000. Fire is the most expensive at $806,000 while vandalism at $208,000 is the least expensive.


Frequency between catastrophic facilities events

179 Facilities Managers and Executives reported that the average time between catastrophic events decreased as the number of buildings increased.
1-10 buildings every 3.1 years
11-20 buildings every 2.2 years
20+ buildings every 1.7 years


Percent saved by using a Mobile Facilities Dashboard

Response time is the critical factor in preventing accidents from becoming catastrophes. Reduce response times with instant access and sharing of Shut-Offs, As-Builts and Emergency Plans with Mobile Facilities Dashboards.


Money spent repairing equipment under warranty

Our industry survey of 179 Facilities Professionals revealed that teams managing less than 20 buildings spent on average $23,500 while teams managing over 20 buildings spent $117,500


*Source: AIIM/ARC Survey 2017


Please rate these challenges in terms of (1) least important and (5) most important.

1 2 3 4 5
Spending time looking for information
Maintaining current As-Builts
Secure cloud back up for all our information
Emergency Preparedness / Managing Risk
Controlling costs

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What other challenges is your team facing?

Prevent accidents from becoming catastrophes

During an emergency, ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards enable teams to quickly locate critical information, take action and minimize costs.

The average cost per catastrophic event


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Estimated savings based on facilities industry research conducted by AIIM (Association for Information Management). Results may vary based on geography, industry and other factors.