Identifying & Managing HIPAA Documents in a Non-Medical Environment

Hospitals aren’t the only place where we find Protected Health Information (PHI), but identifying documents that are considered PHI can be confusing and time consuming; and once you’ve identified those documents, what next? Simply having access to PHI means your organization must follow strict procedures to protect that information. This opens up a wide variety of organizations—from software providers and data storage companies to attorneys, accountants, schools, and government entities—to the requirements (and risks) of managing physical and electronic information according to the rules of HIPAA. Join us as we discuss how to begin to navigate your way to HIPAA compliance.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify PHI
  • The risks of keeping PHI in hard copy
  • The benefits of transitioning to electronic PHI (ePHI)
  • How to manage ePHI in a cloud platform