Find any document instantly

ARC Archives puts an end to inefficient searches through filing cabinets and dimly lit storage dungeons. Without the slow and costly workflow brought on by paper and decentralized document workflow, your organization can finally move at the speed of digital.

Free from paper, free up budget

Eliminating paper expenses like printing, processing, and storage frees up cash for other organizational processes. What other improvements could you produce within the organization with added budget?

Turn archiving into a business strategy

Every document is a piece of intellectual property. Archives cloud application and digitizing services allow you to easily secure and store that knowledge long after the original creator leaves the company.

Get back lost time & money

The average employee spends 1-2 hours a day searching for information. One ARC client had 8 employees losing 2 hours a day. At 240 work days, that = 3,840 wasted hours a year. With ARC, they saved $38,400 each month.

Proud to be a GSA approved vendor.

Services included:

  • COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs
  • Document Scanning
  • Floor Decals & Graphics
  • Document Printing
  • Wayfinding & Safety Signage
  • Mobile Desk Screens
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Facilities Plans Solution

Intelligent archives = Instant find and access

  • Centralized information
  • Powerful search
  • No software. No installation.

Document scanning made easy You box it, we scan it.

$ 199 per box

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Capture and connect your entire document library

Stop spending time and money searching for documents. Find anything you need in seconds from any device.

Digital Archives Overview

Stop working at the speed of paper. Digitized content is the smarter way to store, find and manage your documents.

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Make your archives work harder

Storage with instant search

Unlike consumer grade cloud storage, ARC Archives is built with your work in mind. While free storage apps may be great for storing photos, they’re not designed to handle complex document workflows or searches. Finding the information you need in a product designed for consumers, not professionals, can be time consuming and frustrating. ARC Archives uses advanced OCR and indexing to make searches painless and streamline your workflow.

Stay compliant, stay carefree

Our service team will ensure that your document control process meets various regulations. And, with all your building’s documents centralized, you can avoid undue risk and productivity costs. No more risk of losing a document to a flood, fire or forgetfulness; all your documents in one place easily accessible and with powerful search capabilities.

Never go back to the storage room

Have a darkly lit storage room or office space full of filing cabinets? Say goodbye to your storage fees and hello to more room in the office. Archives digitizes all your documents, so you can finally get rid of those binders full of paper and eliminate the need to search through filing cabinets or boxes in offsite storage.

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Design and Construction Productivity Suite

Designed to meet your needs from site-mapping to closeout. Everything you need and anywhere you need it, available through a single-source provider.

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3D Printing
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