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Our Commitment

We are committed to work internally and with our vendors and clients to reduce the consumption of resource-intensive goods. We support our clients make greener choices when it comes to paper and devices. We also look for alternative materials and processes that are more environmentally-friendly such as scanning services to create a paperless office or using paper that are made from recycled papers.The goal is to reduce demands on forests, use less total energy, produce fewer contaminants, save natural resources such as water, reduce landfill waste. Paper is a big part of our services, our goal is to constantly reduce the use of consumable papers, increase paper recycling, and use recycled paper and greener materials and products whenever possible.

The Print & Plant Initiative

Paper is at the center of our business, and it is crucial that we make every efforts to address the impact of paper consumption. That is why we have partnered with  the non-profit environmental reforestation organization, One Tree Planted, to make a positive impact on our planet to replant trees across the US and the world! We all need to print but we can still do our part to replace the trees needed to make paper. The Print & Plant program is a tree-for-tree reforestation effort based on the volume of office paper our clients print. When you print 8,333 sheets of paper –
the equivalent of one tree – ARC makes sure one tree gets planted to replace it.

The Print & Plant Initiative

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Partners in Sustainability

We are proud to work with partners that have created programs that align with our values. Our vendors and suppliers provide sustainable options for greener solutions, recyclable programs and reusable materials.


Canon's philosophy of Kyosei promotes the idea of living and working together for the common good. Canon actively strives to achieve a sustainable society by creating highly functional products with minimal environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle.

At the heart of Canon's commitment to the world community is the belief that we are building a better world for future generations.

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HP is taking bold steps to drive climate action, protect human rights and accelerate digital equity.

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DreamScape makes sustainability a priority. They offer several product lines with a focus on the use of post-consumer related content and PVC-free, plasticizer-free and phthalate-free content.

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SwiftWall is committed to sustainability in construction. We provide greener, safer and reusable solutions to transform the temporary wall and construction barrier industry.

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