plant a forest together

The Print & Plant Initiative

Team up with ARC and the non-profit environmental organization, One Tree Planted, to make a positive impact on our planet! We all need to print but we can still do our part to replace the trees needed to make paper. The Print & Plant program is a tree-for-tree reforestation effort based on the volume of office paper our clients print. When you print 8,333 sheets of paper – the amount of paper made from a single tree – ARC makes sure at least one tree gets planted to replace it.

About our partner: One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that strives to make planting trees easy for everyone. Their model is simple: one dollar plants one tree. When you participate in Print & Plant, we collect a donation based on your monthly paper use, match the donation with one of our own, and send it on your behalf to One Tree Planted. Working with ARC makes a positive environmental impact every time you print!

Member Package

Print & Plant Program Member Package includes

  • Certificate of reforestation
  • List of global reforestation projects
  • Photos, videos and other resources to help demonstrate your environmental commitment
  • Use of the Print & Plant program logo and name to promote your own sustainability initiatives
  • (…and brownie points from the planet!)

One tree at a time, we can make a big difference.

When you print with ARC’s Print & Plant program, you’ll replace every tree used to make your paper…and then some! For every donation you make based on paper use, ARC matches it. And with two donation levels, you can choose to maintain or even expand reforest efforts around the world.

We have already helped planting 5,000 trees in

  • Connecticut River Riparian Restoration
  • Upper Ritner Creek Splash Dam Recovery
  • Carr Fire Restoration
  • Yosemite Valley Restoration
  • Paradise Fire Recovery Planting