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Every company has to turn down potential leads because they don’t have access to the solutions or feel competing with a large competitor is not possible. How many paper-intensive businesses could benefit from digitizing their paper records, but don’t have access to a credible provider? With ARC, you will never need to turn down an opportunity. You can also engage enterprise companies by leveraging ARC’s 140 Service Centers, and sell anywhere in North America, not just in your local market.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Partnering with ARC for document scanning and indexing services can significantly bolster your customer’s Digital Transformation initiatives.
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Leverage our 140 service center locations across North America and provide an onramp of paper and film-based content to the cloud.


By leveraging ARC’s advanced scanning technology and expertise, you can efficiently convert vast amounts of physical documents into easily accessible and searchable digital formats. This transformation not only enhances operational efficiency by streamlining document management and retrieval processes but also supports sustainability efforts by reducing reliance on paper. Additionally, our commitment to security is demonstrated by their HIPAA and ISO compliance, SOC2 data security certification, and a very strong chain of custody, ensuring that sensitive information is protected throughout the digitization process.


As a GSA Schedule holder, we offer government-approved services, and our FADGI compliant scanning ensures high-quality digitization standards and our indexing leverages the best OCR, Artificial and Human Intelligence to deliver the highest quality output. Furthermore, our scanning workflows are designed with the end goal in mind, allowing the digitized content to seamlessly flow into a cloud content repository. This integration supports your customer’s Digital Transformation goals by providing a robust, secure, and efficient pathway to a modernized digital infrastructure. Embracing this partnership empowers your clients to unlock new levels of productivity and innovation, positioning them for success in an increasingly digital world. Read less

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Partnering with ARC to meet the digital printing needs of your customers can enhance their visual communication strategies.By leveraging
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ARC’s expertise in producing a wide range of printed materials, from business documents and environmental graphics to temporary wall barricades and grand format color prints, you can ensure your clients receive high-quality, impactful visual content. Our experience in environmental graphics allows for the creation of immersive environments that captivate audiences and transform spaces, making your customers’ messages stand out.


ARC’s collaborative and detail-oriented approach, combined with meticulous project management, empowers your customers to utilize the power of visual storytelling effectively. By supporting the realization of your clients’ visions through a deep understanding of their business goals, timelines, and production techniques, ARC ensures that each project aligns perfectly with the intended message and branding. This partnership allows your clients to bring their ideas to life, creating vibrant and captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression.


Leverage our 140 service center locations across North America, each equipped with the most sophisticated print equipment in the industry, to provide unparalleled quality and efficiency. By partnering with us, you can help your customers shape a world where every space tells a compelling story. This collaboration not only amplifies their message but also ensures that every printed piece, from the smallest business document to the largest grand format print, is crafted with the highest quality and attention to detail. Embrace this partnership to unlock new levels of creativity and innovation for your clients. Read less

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Partnering with ARC to provide Managed Print Services can impact your customers’ office printing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.By leveraging
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ARC’s expertise, you can manage all aspects of your customers’ in-house print needs, from small and large format printers to supplies, inks, toner, and paper. With our 140 service center locations across North America, we deliver local services, support overflow printing needs, and provide access to print devices from multiple OEMs, and utilize our purpose-built print cost recovery software that tracks output from all OEMs.


Our Managed Print Services help your customers eliminate waste, save money, and remove the administrative burden associated with managing office printing. Our comprehensive approach includes workflow optimization, fleet optimization, fleet standardization, ongoing fleet management, and a pay-by-usage model, leading to drastic reductions in print spend. By partnering with ARC, your customers can focus on their core business activities while we ensure their printing operations run smoothly and efficiently.


By offering our Managed Print Services, your clients can unlock new levels of operational efficiency and cost savings, positioning them for success in a competitive market. Read less

Why Partner with ARC Document Solutions?

Industry Leader: Tap into decades of industry experience and expertise. With ARC, you’re partnering with the best. The Leader in Document Scanning, Digital Printing and Managed Print Services in North America.
Proven Workflows and Cutting-Edge Technology: Access state-of-the-art solutions that set you apart from the competition with a Unique Selling Proposition.

Financial Gain: Earn rewards for every qualified referral, turning your customer network into a source of income.
Dedicated Support: From marketing resources to training materials, we’re here to support your journey every step of the way.
Diverse Solutions: From Document Scanning, Digital Print, and Managed Print, ARC caters to a wide range of industries and needs.


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