4 Benefits of Using 3D-Printed Model to Display Your Architectural Plans

Delphine Wilson| June 25, 2021

As an architect, your mission is to see things that others can’t and bring it to life.

Client buy in on your vision comes when you can find a way to help them see those things along with you… and that’s where a three-dimensional model can help.

3D models bring two-dimensional drawings or a 3D file to life for project owners and stakeholders who may not have the expertise necessary to visualize drawings. 

This alone is a significant benefit of 3D-printed models for both architects and their clients… but there are several more benefits that we’ll run through in this article.


  • Secure Client Buy-In

You can create the most inspired design but if the client isn’t buying in, it will be a wasted effort. So securing client buy-in for your designs is critical. The problem is, clients often don’t have the technical expertise or vision needed to fully understand your plans.

By communicating your ideas in a more visual, tactile way than you can with 2D drawings or a 3D Revit file, a physical 3D model will dramatically improve the chances that a client will understand your design and be excited about the possibilities it offers. And as human beings, we’re far more likely to like something if we understand it.


  • Improve Communication with Stakeholders

Just as physical 3D models help you communicate with clients, they’ll also help you communicate your designs to other important project stakeholders. Whether it’s at a community meeting with the neighbors and city officials or during discussions between the design and construction team, 3D models are far more conducive to effective communication than 2D drawings or renderings.


  • Accelerated Design Cycles

As you might expect, with better communication comes better project performance, particularly in the design phase. This is especially critical because it’s in the design phase where project teams have the greatest ability to set the stage for a successful project. 

Moreover, as a recent report indicates, improved project performance in construction should be a key priority considering almost 40% of construction professionals say less than 70% of their projects finish on time and under budget.


  • Win More Projects

Whether you’re an architect, contractor, or engineer, presenting yourself and your work is part of the job. When the situation calls for it, 3D models elevate your ability to explain your ideas, thought processes, and recommendations for existing and potential clients. These models give prospects the ability to see, without thinking, your ideas and your visions in a way that doesn’t show up on the page. 


3D in Action: With the Right Partner, It’s Easier than You Think

While it’s true that developing 3D printing capabilities in-house in an economical way is difficult, ARC has made outsourcing this capability simple. That means anyone can unlock the powerful benefits of 3D-printed models that we’ve outlined in this article. 


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