5 Reasons to Use a Single Environmental Graphics Provider

Andrew Giraldo| October 29, 2020

An increasing number of companies are seeing the benefits of investing in environmental graphic design, but that doesn’t mean they’ve mastered the art of design execution.

Can you really blame them?

There are literally hundreds of considerations to be made and remade throughout design conception, planning, production, and installation. When multiple offices are involved, these complicated, resource-heavy tasks get even more complicated.

One tactic that will simplify things is to choose a graphics provider that has a global presence so they can meet your needs wherever your offices are. To show you how a global provider is key to quality environmental design, this article outlines 5 ways hiring a single graphics provider improves multi-office environmental design projects.

1. The Efficiency of Familiarity

Anytime you hire a vendor to execute a project, it takes time for the two parties to establish a degree of familiarity and a solid working relationship. This time is magnified in an office redesign project because you’re dealing with such a complex project. With a single provider for every project, you cut right through the initial “getting to know you” phase and get right to producing great work.

2. Consolidating Production Results in Better Consistency and Scalability

When you work with one environmental graphics provider the process is more scalable for both parties. Because the process scales so much better, the design quality and consistency goes up. As quality and consistency go up, so does value. The end result is a client who uses a global provider of environmental graphics get a better return on investment, even if the dollar cost is the same.

After all, environmental design is as much about reinforcing your brand

3. Global Design Perspective Enables Flexibility

Even in the same company, each office design project will take on a life of its own. After all, environmental design is as much about reinforcing your brand as it is about getting the most out of your people. Since each office has its own unique people, culture, and layout, you must be flexible in your design by allowing variations across offices.

This requires a delicate balance of adhering to design guidelines without stifling individual office creativity. Working with a single environmental graphics provider helps you strike that balance because they understand your design history and your brand.

Taking this approach offers the benefit of a partner on office design projects with a unique high-level perspective and insight that significantly improves your design process.

4. Ability to Grow and Evolve Together Over Time

Single graphics provider provides the flexibility

In the same way using a single graphics provider provides the flexibility needed to maximize creativity on each project, it also gives you the ability to evolve your design to reflect the dynamic nature of the company. This is important because every company, even mature ones, never stop growing and changing.

As a result, environmental design needs may change. Again, because a single graphics provider becomes intimately familiar with all of your office design projects and brand, they can provide greater insight for future projects.

5. International Print Providers Facilitate More Innovative Design

In her book inGenius, on the topic of a stimulating environment, Tina Seelig, a neuroscience Ph.D. who teaches creativity at Stanford said: “Not only does it lead to more creative work, but it also helps attract and retain employees who are eager to work in such an environment.”

The numbers back her claim. In fact, the Work Environment Study by Wakefield Research showed that 71 percent of Millennials, and 63 percent of all age demographics value office design as much as they do office location.

As mentioned earlier, a single graphics provider gains invaluable insight into your design process that just can’t be replicated when you use multiple providers. This insight leads to more innovative design and a better return on investment.

Conclusion: Rely on the Experts

Environmental design is hard. From getting everyone to agree on conceptual directions and designing the graphics, to producing and installing all the design elements, it’s not for the faint of heart. Make your life easier by letting the experts do the job.

Find the one provider that can meet all your production and installation needs whether your office design projects span across states or internationally. A good first step to do that would be to check out Riot Creative Imaging, an ARC company. They provide environmental graphics from Hawaii to London and from New York to Vancouver.

Check out this video of an amazing environmental graphics installation for Shell Centre in the UK:



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