9 Best Holiday Retail Digital Display Ideas To Elevate Your Seasonal Shopping Experience

Delphine Wilson| November 27, 2023

Picture this: You step into a quaint shop adorned with twinkling fairy lights, festive decor, and vibrant digital display screens that beckon you with engaging content. This is no ordinary store; it’s a holiday wonderland, and the magic is courtesy of digital displays.

Captivating Your Customers: The Essence of Retail Displays in the Festive Season

Digital displays serve as cost-effective and accessible marketing tools, captivating audiences and boosting store visibility. Discover their significance and how they can be leveraged to enhance your brand image! The holiday season is a great place to start exploring digital display solutions!

So why digital displays for retail marketing?

  • It’s Great Marketing

Learn how to target your customers effectively through creative digital displays, running custom merchandising deals, showcasing new launches, and creating demand for your products.

  • Digital Displays Boost Walk-In Shopping

Explore how digital displays can increase foot traffic and sales by strategically capturing customers’ attention and sparking interest in your products.

  • Create Bonding With Customers

Craft unique holiday-themed displays to tap into positive customer emotions, fostering a deeper connection between customers and your brand.

Inspiring Retail Digital Display Ideas For This Festive Season

1. Digital Displays: Where Location Meets Profit

Understand the importance of effective display placement, ensuring your digital screens are strategically positioned to maximize impact. Whether it’s at the entrance welcoming customers, in-store guiding their journey, or at the checkout area showcasing enticing offers, thoughtful positioning creates a memorable and positive brand impression.

2. Run Deals and Offers 

Utilize your digital displays to showcase high-quality visuals that not only promote special deals and offers but also create a visually appealing and immersive experience for customers, making your promotions irresistible and boosting sales.

3. It’s All About The Themes

Choose a theme that not only resonates with the season but also aligns with your brand story. Making your products the stars of the show within a thematic display not only captures attention but also fosters a cohesive and memorable shopping experience, increasing audience curiosity through creative storytelling on the social wall.

4. Get Creative With Props and Tinsels

Enhance holiday displays with carefully chosen props like tinsel, wreaths, and string lights to create a festive atmosphere. By integrating these elements thoughtfully, your store becomes a captivating and engaging space that excites customers and elevates the overall shopping ambiance.

5. Educational Displays

Use digital signage not just for promotion but also to educate customers about your brand’s journey, loyal customers, and the values you uphold. Make the learning process creative and captivating, providing customers with meaningful insights about your products and services within a visually appealing display.

6. Keep It Fresh And Updated

Learn how regularly updating displays with the latest launches, ongoing deals, and customer content maintains customer interest. By keeping the content fresh and dynamic, you create a narrative that evolves over the holiday season, telling a story that captivates your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

7. Use Technology In Your Displays

Explore the benefits of using social media channels in conjunction with digital displays, creating a seamless experience for customers. Utilize touchscreen technology to transform your screens into an interactive portal, engaging customers with holiday-themed contests, promotions, and posts that drive traffic both to your physical store and online platforms.

8. Holiday Greetings

Convey heartfelt holiday messages using social media campaigns and display them on digital screens, deepening customer connections. By personalizing holiday wishes and expressing gratitude for their support, your business becomes more than transactions—it becomes a part of their festive celebrations, building lasting relationships.

9. All Around The Building Display

Expand your reach with displays strategically placed around your building, acting as dynamic storytellers. Showcase not only customer stories but also brand information and sneak peeks of new products, creating a cohesive narrative that captures attention, promotes seasonal deals, and highlights popular products from various vantage points.

Master Your Retail Digital Display: Do’s And Dont’s

1. Do Plan Your Social Media Marketing With an In-Store Display

Integrate social media marketing with in-store displays to attract customers, tell compelling stories, and connect with your audience.

2. Do Strategize Around The Urgency Method

Explore the psychology of urgency in your display messages, highlighting scarcity and upcoming sales to influence shopper decisions.

3. Don’t Restrict And Be Creative

Avoid overwhelming customers with too much information. Keep it clear, utilize user-generated content, and create an experiential shopping atmosphere to stand out.

Transform Your Retail Space with Digital Signage

As we conclude, it’s your turn to elevate your retail space with these holiday display ideas. Combine traditional decorations with digital elements, engage your community, and create a shopping experience that resonates with customers year after year. Let the holiday digital display magic begin!

ARC offers a wide selection of digital display solutions to help you make this holiday the most magical experience for your customers! 

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