ARC Document Solutions Atlanta: Elevating Data Security with HIPAA Certification

Courtney Treffkorn| August 16, 2023

In the bustling heart of Atlanta, ARC Document Solutions has taken a significant leap forward in data security by achieving HIPAA certification for their document scanning center. What once primarily functioned as a traditional document scan center,  has now been transformed into a dedicated HIPAA-compliant hub, catering to a diverse range of clients, including large utility companies and educational institutions.

The decision to convert the Atlanta service center into a HIPAA scanning center was driven by the proximity to major Health care customers and the increasing demand for companies who are authorized to handle sensitive documents such as private health records.

Becoming HIPAA certified required a comprehensive and multifaceted effort that encompassed both physical and digital aspects. The stringent security measures included the implementation of dual access controls, HIPPAA compliance training for every team member, and the issuance of individual FOBs for building and restricted area access. Even guest access was meticulously managed, with visitors required to sign in and adhere to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Vendor partnerships also underwent a transformation, as vendors with unattended access to the facility were required to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), ensuring their compliance with HIPAA regulations. The upgrade extended to IT systems and network infrastructure, guaranteeing a secure digital environment. Access controls were refined, granting individuals access only on an “as-needed” basis, with no shared custodial logins.

A central facet of the HIPAA compliance efforts was the implementation of an extensive surveillance system. The entire warehouse, encompassing production areas and entry points, is continuously monitored by video surveillance. This constant vigilance ensures compliance with HIPAA’s stringent requirements, with 30 days’ worth of video backups maintained for additional security.

The logistics surrounding the scanning and transportation of HIPAA-compliant documents add an extra layer of complexity. Every shipment of scanned HIPAA documents is meticulously sealed with black opaque anti-tamper tape, guaranteeing an unbroken chain of custody. This stringent practice is complemented by the ability to capture and document the shipment’s journey through photographs.

The commitment to data security extends beyond HIPAA certification, as the Atlanta scanning center holds SOC 2 compliance, a critical auditing procedure that ensures secure data management. For ARC Document Solutions, SOC 2 compliance is a testament to their dedication to safeguarding client interests and data privacy.

Every facet of the Atlanta scanning center is audited to meet HIPAA standards, from fire safety protocols and fire drills to controlled ingress and egress points. Amid this intricate security fabric, the center remains a hub of activity, recently wrapping up a significant project involving student records for a large university. As one project concludes, another begins – ARC Document Solutions is poised to embark on a venture with a major media company, involving the meticulous scanning and management of ten distinct document collections.

ARC Document Solutions’ Atlanta scanning center is not only a testament to technological innovation and security diligence but also to their unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. To learn more about the benefits of scanning in the medical industry, tune in to our webinar – HIPAA and PHI Safeguarding: Secure Scanning Practices – September 13 10:00 am PST

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